What If You Drank Too Much Water? A Woman Did Just That – See What Happened To Her

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the link in the description and downloading the free browser extension. Once upon a time there was a woman who drank
three gallons (7 liters) of water, and we mean she gulped down that amount in just two
hours. Why would she do such a thing, you might ask? Well, the same reason why people eat 50 hot
dogs in one sitting. It was in the spirit of competition. You see, the 28-year old woman in question
– Jennifer – had joined a radio station competition called “Hold Your Wee for a
Wii”, with the prize being Nintendo’s games console. All the contestants had to do was drink this
huge amount of water and the last person not to pee was the winner. Was this a dangerous thing to do? A caller certainly felt so, calling in and
telling the radio station that the competition should be called-off. All 10 employees at the station just shrugged
off the warning. Jennifer took this competition seriously and
she imbibed almost 3 gallons. This was Herculean of her, and most of the
other contestants dropped out early. One man said after the competition, “My bladder
couldn’t handle it anymore.” He quit. The others were given bigger bottles of water. So far, so good, and just after she drank
her last gulp, she even joked that she “looked pregnant again.” Only shortly after she had finished her superhuman
drink of water, and almost won the competition (she came second), she said she felt really,
really nauseous, so much so she could barely move from her chair. Her husband thought it best to drive her home
so she could rest, but in the car she complained of a mammoth, skull-crushing headache. She cried, saying her brain felt like it was
coming out of her skull, and worse, she said her vision in one eye had just about gone. She and her husband believed that the faster
they get home the better, and that she just needed to lie down and get some sleep. They arrive home, and it’s now been a few
hours since she took her last drink. The weird thing is, she still doesn’t need
a pee. Jennifer goes to bed, while her husband prepares
dinner for the family. When dinner is ready, he doesn’t wake her
up, thinking it better she sleep-off that terrible headache. Unbeknownst to him, she is suffering from
a series of seizures in the bedroom. She’s not sleeping now, she’s unconscious. Finally, the husband thinks it’s been too
long and goes to the bedroom to wake Jennifer up, only when he gets there he sees she is
unconscious, and even witnesses her having another seizure. Now, there are many versions of this story
in the news, but all versions have the same ending: sadly, she died. Whether that was in the ambulance, or in the
bedroom, or in the bathroom, we don’t know; all we know, is that she died. What!? You might ask, died from just 3 gallons (7
liters) of water. Yes, and it’s called water toxicity. It happened to a 17-year old just a few years
ago in the U.S. He drank two liters of water and two liters
of Gatorade after football practice. He dropped dead on the way to hospital in
a helicopter, from the same thing, sometimes called overhydration. In the UK in the 90s, there was another similar,
famous case. A young woman had gone to a rave and taken
the drug ecstasy. She had heard that when you do that, you sweat
a lot and it can be dangerous, so you have to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. She drank 3 gallons (7 liters) of water in
about 90 minutes and soon collapsed into a coma. The press jumped on the story saying she had
died because of illicit drugs, but an inquest revealed it was the water that did it, not
the drugs. But why do people die from drinking too much? Well, over-drinking – and it has to be really
large amounts – changes the electrolytes in your body, reducing how much salt, or sodium
you have in you. This is called “dilutional hyponatremia.” The latter word basically translates from
Greek and Latin as “insufficient salt in the blood.” When it’s severe, it’s what we call water
toxicity. You should have anywhere from 135 and 145
millimoles of blood sodium per liter, and if it drops below that, you are in trouble. Usually your kidneys help you out by sieving
water, or other liquids, as well as salt, through the body. But play a game like hold your wee for wii
and you are basically overwhelming your kidneys, water-logging them, and they can’t do their
job. You are flooding your blood with water. Your brains cells swell as water is pushed
into them, and, we all know there’s not much room to swell up there. When this happens, the first thing is you
feel sick, or confused, as happened to Jennifer. Those unbelievable headaches she was having
in the car were because her brain was swelling. The next thing is usually seizures, followed
by coma and death. Doctors tell us that this can even happen
to people running marathons, so you’ve really got to watch out for how much water you are
drinking. It might also happen over a long period of
time, not just guzzling down loads of water or any drink quickly. But how do you know how much to drink, so
you don’t overdo it? One scientist put it like this, “Drink to
your thirst. It’s the best indicator.” As for poor Jennifer’s grief-stricken family,
they were awarded $16.5 million in compensation. It seems the disc jockey and staff were just
very ignorant. During the competition, someone had said,
“Are you sure this isn’t dangerous?” The DJ replied, “Not with water. Your body is 98 percent water. Why can’t you take in as much water as you
want?” Oh, how we wish he had seen this show first. They were all fired, of course. Lesson learned…not every competition or
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100 thoughts on “What If You Drank Too Much Water? A Woman Did Just That – See What Happened To Her

  1. This video was inspired by Chubbyemu's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3HivpHP-5I

    Notes: The patient's death was accidental despite drinking 3 gallons of water not being an accident. She was found to have Syndrome of Inappropriate Diuretic Hormone that 1) she was at greater risk of having because she was a premenopausal woman and 2) the water induced nausea which is a powerful stimulus for antidiuretic hormone secretion which held water into her body.

  2. Why you cant drink gallons of water at a timer?
    Water intoxication- low salt level(diluted from water) and low blood pressure

    boom video done

  3. It took place in Roseville, California and in fact i remmeber exactly what happened. The radio show took about 6 years to finally close down their show however the lady did it because of a competition.

  4. I drink one Liter every day. I come from a desert the hottest place on Central Asia Maybe that’s why.

  5. If you guys drink water too much the salt from ur blood will be dissolfed because of the water then u will die.

  6. The dj was wrong, We arn't made out of 98% water we are made of something like 75% water. Jellyfish is made out of 97% and we arn't more water then jellyfish

  7. i was really hot when i came in, got 4 small sized bottles of water got on my phone went to youtube and this was first on my recommendations

  8. Me: Drinks from water bottle
    Video: Its called water toxicity
    Me: Spits out water*
    Mind: I should stop drinking water
    Me: Puts water bottle in sink*

  9. She didn’t die. Chubbyemu did a video on this and according to him she survived with no permanent effects

  10. I remember my middle school science teacher telling me about this (someone dying from drinking so many bottles of water without urinating in an attempt to win a gaming system) when I was in 6th or 7th grade (about 10 years ago now). He explained it by saying that your body essentially creates poison and that when you feel the need to use the bathroom, you shouldn't hold it indefinitely.
    He also mentioned something about your brain swelling when you drink excessive amounts of water without urinating, which is another reason this so dangerous.
    He also mentioned that if he remembered correctly, the person who won drank one more bottle than her; that person was taken to the hospital, but survived.


    Me: But u die by drinking too much water

    School: ok

    people reading this comment: this comment is dumb

  12. well i dont die off drinking 4 litres of beer. and the most water i ever drank in a day was 1.5 litres

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    Me: Meh, who cares.

    Title: A woman did just that.

    Me: Clicks immediately

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