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(music) TECHMEOUT: What’s going on, everyone? TechMeOut, here. And I’m sure a lot of you out there have been hearing some things about 5G and you might be kind of curious what it is, what does it mean, like I am. I have one of my friends here from AT&T Labs, Arun Ghosh. And he’s going to talk to us a little bit about what 5G is. ARUN GHOSH: We start with a virtualized or a software-based network right from the beginning. Another thing that is really exciting is the usage of Millimeter Wave Technology on the Millimeter Wave spectrum. And it’s a completely new thing that we have never done before. (record scratching) TECHMEOUT: What Arun is saying is that 5G is the next generation of mobile technology. It will eventually increase data speeds and lower latency or network response time. Which is important for future technologies, like wireless AR gaming, and self-driving cars. But it’s not just about data speeds. AT&T is also looking at using beamsteering technology in its 5G network. Which is sort of like taking a road trip with GPS. The network signals can bend, flex, and update itself as you move around. Do you have anything to kind of show me? ARUN GHOSH: You bet. Let’s go to the lab. I can show you. TECHMEOUT: Alright, let’s do it. (electronic music) ARUN GHOSH: So, this is one unit that acts as a receiver. Think of this as your phone. TECHMEOUT: So, it would eventually be smaller? ARUN GHOSH: It will eventually be smaller. Millimeter waves are essentially radio waves. They’re at much higher frequency. And what happens when you go in such high frequencies is that the signal doesn’t really go that far. TECHMEOUT: Okay. Okay, so, Arun’s really passionate and he knows his stuff. He’s basically saying that frequency and wavelength are key in making way for all the content coming across the network. But Millimeter Wave comes with challenges. Here, he’s explaining how they develop beamforming to help stay connected to moving devices. ARUN GHOSH: What beamforming essentially allows you to do is to take the signal and send it towards that customer. TECHMEOUT: Okay. ARUN GHOSH: You’re sort of sending it out in every direction. A good analogy would be the difference between a light bulb and a flashlight. With a light bulb, you send the energy in every direction. If you have a 100-Watt bulb, why not do it? But if you have a 1-Watt flashlight, what you do is you take the same light and focus it in one direction. TECHMEOUT: Now that I get Millimeter Wave and beamforming, we went outside to see how it would be deployed in the real world. (electronic music) ARUN GHOSH: Well, there you have it. That’s an actual small cell deployed in the field. TECHMEOUT: You talked about Millimeter Waves in the lab. So, how does small cells in the world, kind of, connect with the Millimeter Waves? ARUN GHOSH: Right. The signals that will come out of that small cell and come to your phone or your car, those will be based on Millimeter Waves. TECHMEOUT: So, how do you make sure it’s all working? ARUN GHOSH: You saw the test setup that we have in the Anechoic Chamber. Testing the devices, testing the functionalities of the antenna, the beamforming, all that works in the Anechoic Chamber is extremely critical. Once you do that, the next step is to really go and test them on a mobile platform in the field. And we put our devices and 5G equipment on a van and we test it in the field. And finally, once even that step is validated, we then take it to a, kind of, market deployment. TECHMEOUT: Alright, I get it. But I still haven’t seen it in action on my phone. But it turns out AT&T has a 5G trial up and running in Waco. So, I headed there to see if I could test it out. (hip hop music) I met with Paul Hartman with AT&T Labs. Could we do, like a, cross comparison between 5G and what people currently have which is 4G? PAUL HARTMAN: So, if you want to do the 5G side, I will do the 4G side. TECHMEOUT: Alright. PAUL HARTMAN: And then we can do a direct comparison. TECHMEOUT: Let’s see what kind of speeds we get. That is crazy. What? PAUL HARTMAN: I’m glad you like it. TECHMEOUT: I love it. That’s amazing. I could, like, record a video and instantly upload it to YouTube faster. I’m mind-blown right now. Okay, y’all. So, we learned a lot today. And I know, I personally feel better informed and even more excited about 5G. And I hope you all do too. As always, thanks for taking the time out to let me tech you out. (sonic logo)

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  1. Thanks! I do not share your enthusiasm for trading in possible privacy and health risks for faster internet, and do not see a real market demand for self-driving cars or connected everyday items, but after watching a bunch of non-informative PR-videos from tech companies, I'm still glad to find a video FINALLY able to explain how it actually works.

  2. Great guest. Informative. Thanks.

    Note: the music was too loud and makes it difficult for me to hear the speakers. It would have been interesting to know how many simultaneous connections a tower antennae can handle and how far away a phone can be. Your guests seem very comfortable and forthcoming (and didn't really need re-explanation). Your interview style is clearly top notch.

  3. the most important technological revolution in 2019 will be that youtubers finally understand that the music in the videos should serve as a background and never blasting over the voices.

  4. 5G is a STUPID idea. You gotta have transceivers EVERYWHERE, throughout your entire neighborhood, on houses, etc

  5. I guess one of the side effects (down side) of 5G is that it produces very loud music where you can't hear what people are saying.
    Just a thought.

  6. I am so unhappy with AT&T. I just spoke to 3 reps and they couldn’t even tell me why my bill went up $40 when I haven’t even added new services or anything…..I will definitely be going back to VERIZON as soon as I pay these stupid phones off. I also never got reception at places I always had reception when I had VERIZON. The only reason we switched was because my wife wanted to help out a friend of hers that works at AT&T make her quota for new activations. BIG MISTAKE. What a bunch of crooks. People say VERIZON is expensive but at least they deliver what they promise…

  7. Question……..If we reintroduced the free energy towers that Nicola Tesla had back in the day wouldn't we be effected by it just like "5G" or is Nicola Tesla technology more in sync with our biological systems ?

  8. 5G is pointless with data caps and thottling. You can get 1G speeds for 11mins then your thottled to 2G speeds. FREAKING POINTLESS!

  9. I think I get most of what is being said. The parts I didn't hear are the ones that has annoying music drowning out the conversation. I went to this site to learn what was being said, not to listen to music

  10. Stupid music is aggravating when trying to hear the message ! Who's idea was the use of music noise in this message? This message gets a thumbs down because of the loud music

  11. 0:50 so there will be a reciever/ emitter on every light post and street corner. They emit frequencies to register obstructions. This also leaves the possibility of the frequency to penetrate solid objects, aka RADAR, more specifically, ground penetrating radar. Therefor, they in essence can map the entirety of your house and anything inside it. No, black lady, I dont feel good about this after watching your video. Next you'll tell me the government needs my concent to spy on me. Goodbye free world I once knew. Hello technological oppression.

  12. What do you call this production approach.. ? A camera shooting her, while she's looking into a camera shooting herself and then she introduces the guy and still….no one looks into the camera. Weird. I just scrolled up to the real info.

  13. You make it sound like 5G is giing to be the next best thing. But you v ever wonder what are the hazards of 5G??

  14. Question for you guys. I have an old outdated blackberry bold phone. If Hauwei implements its 5G network, will they be able to gain access to my blackberry and spy on me? Will they also be able to monitor landline phones too?

  15. 5G phone does not exist yet Tests are done on dongles or data cards so how she did the 5G test with that device ??

  16. As others have said, the music playing constantly in the background while the people are talking is ridiculous. You can't understand what they're saying.

  17. It is also a beaming device that would take your information out of your devices but I would really trade my privacy over convenience and safety

  18. So advancements like this and we can barely get connectivity for our hotspot or converse on our cell phones w/out our calls being dropped regularly. Service by? Yep you guessed it!

  19. I would have liked to concentrate on what the engineer was saying without the distracting background music. I mean it's technical stuff, he wasn't talking about hair or make-up tips.

  20. Was it just me or did this video provide very little information on what 5G is? At 0:21 the man says, "We start with a virtualized or software-based network right from the beginning." He doesn't explain what that is and never mentions it again.

  21. https://www.google.com/amp/s/articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2019/06/05/amp/technology-versus-humanity.aspx

  22. Been with AT&T since before it was Cingular, then I went to Cingular and them back to AT&T. Their service was awesome but since about 2010 I’m really considering switching to another company…

  23. I am thinking 5g isn't about you/us, but about the technology and its implications. Its evolution has been developing right under your noses for years and you never even noticed. Clue: just bumps in the road.

  24. Cool. Thats all the positive things coming from 5G…
    What about the negative? What about the health of the public?
    Tinnitus, migranes, muscle & brain fatiuge, brain tissue damage, difficulty thinking straight, & of course cancer all come from MM waves.
    Stop pushing this onto people without doing proper lab & medical testing.

  25. I can’t even get hooked up with WiFi in my home from AT&T . Yes it’s available in my area but there isn’t enough ports available in my area. I live in a small town and I have been on a waiting list for years now. Why not make more ports available . That would be more $$for AT&T

  26. Completely pointless video. The presenter seems more committed with her appearance then explaining the viewer what makes up 5G and where it differs from 4G. That shows in the sections where the background music has to support presenter's "coolness" and we cannot hear what is being said. I suggest the presenter drops complex technical matters and reclaims her position in front of the mirror.

  27. Let's see the research on the health effects of having constant high frequency radio signal hitting your body ALL the time. C'mon…LET US SE IT.

  28. I didn't expect and didn't wanted a degree course on 5G, but I nevertheless expected a more detailed and technical explanation, from AT&T.

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