>>AMY: In switching, it asks me if I have
an economy 7 meter — how do I know that? Can I find that on my bill? How do I know
if i’ve got one?>>TOM: So an economy 7 meter is a type of
electricity meter that gives you two rates depending on the time of day. Essentially they charge you more for using
electricity during the day, and less for using electricity at night. So if you have storage heaters or you’re capable
of doing washing over night that sort of thing sometimes it can be cheaper. So the way that you can find this out is if
you go to your meter number on the last page. You see there where it says “0 1” that means
you’re not on an economy 7 meter. If you were that would say “0 2” instead.>>AMY: Ok.>>TOM: Also, on the electricity breakdown here, you would
have two unit rates here. So there would be two sets of consumptions
and two sets of unit rates.>>AMY: Oh, so that’s for the day and the
night?>>TOM: And it would probably also say “day
rate” and “night rate” next to it.

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