What traveled at 80,000KM? Find out! – YouTube Space Lab with Liam & Brad

BRAD: Now, some of our recent
discoveries regarding the planets in our Solar System
are thanks to Cassini. LIAM: Well, who’s he then? BRAD: It’s an unmanned
spacecraft. LIAM: Well, like Firefox,
or Stealth, or the Flight of the Navigator. BRAD: Well, Flight of the
Navigator obviously had a navigator, it’s in
the bloody title. Cassini managed to get so far,
so soon, by using a very rare occurrence in our
Solar System. LIAM: What? Like the Sun’s 4 and 1/2
billionth birthday? BRAD: No, a slingshot past Venus
and Earth that got it traveling at 80,000 kilometers
an hour. LIAM: Well, how’d it do that? BRAD: Well, it’s in here
at one minute. Watch.

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