What Would Happen If You Drank Liquid Nitrogen? Funny  Friendly Educational Cartoon

What if you swallowed liquid Nitrogen? Liquid nitrogen is great for making ice cream
and breathing smoke like a dragon But what if you drank an entire glass of pure
liquid nitrogen? Is it dangerous? Could it cause your body harm? First, what is liquid nitrogen? As the name implies, it’s the liquid form
of nitrogen gas, a colorless, odorless gas that makes up about 78% of our atmosphere. Nitrogen turns into a liquid at -320 degrees
Fahrenheit, much much colder than the 32 degrees Fahrenheit of your glass of ice water! Being so cold, there’s lots of interesting
things you can do with liquid nitrogen, like add a fun foggy effect to drinks or flash
freezing foods But while this stuff may look fun, liquid
nitrogen is EXTREMELY dangerous if not handled correctly. Especially if it is ingested. First what happens is that the majority of
liquid nitrogen evaporates in your throat and turns into gas. There’s a tiny flap in your esophagus called
the epiglottis that is there to stop gas from escaping out of your stomach. This traps the cold nitrogen gas causing it
to expand, which can cause burns and internal rupturing. Things only get worse as the liquid nitrogen
travels down into the stomach. As happened to a young woman in the United
Kingdom, the extreme cold of the liquid nitrogen can burn holes in your stomach and destroy
the stomach lining. The damage to hers was bad that her entire
stomach needed to be removed! If not treated immediately, this damage to
the stomach and esophagus could even lead to death! So while liquid nitrogen might be useful for
cooking and fun for party tricks, please do not drink it, because it won’t be fun for
very long.

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