Where Are the 10 kg Pikes?/ Wo sind die 10 kg Hechte?/ Къде са 10 кг Щуки?/ Pesca Lucios a Spinning

There have to be big pikes. Yes. There under the shadow, they may start biting already. If you want, come here casting. I’ll go there. I’ll gather rose hips. Maybe a bit later. Let’s see! Baby pike. Yeah. It’s badly hooked. Can’t see it very well. On jerkbait. All right. Again on the same one, right? Yes. OK. Subscribe for more fishing videos and new handmade lures! Let’s see it! It’s full of such small ones. It’s full! Very small one. Just for fun! It wasn’t hooked like this, but.. Here’s the lure. OK. Catch a bigger one, Tsetse! Thanks. Come with me! Another one. Again a small one. On a crankbait for catfish. Yes. Let’s get it back! They sent us here for pikes of 10 kg/ 22 lbs, but they are about 10 g/ 0.35 Oz. There might be big ones too, who knows! Yeah, there should be bigger ones.

15 thoughts on “Where Are the 10 kg Pikes?/ Wo sind die 10 kg Hechte?/ Къде са 10 кг Щуки?/ Pesca Lucios a Spinning

  1. Someone recommended a dam in which there are 10 kg/ 22 lbs pikes. We went there to check it out. This was the result ?. Stay tuned for our Friday video, guys! Tight Lines! ?

  2. Divertido el vídeo, en lugar de 10 kilos eran de 100 gramos, pero quien sabe, en cualquier momento sale el grande, de todas formas lucios muy grandes no abundan, y saben mucho, por eso se hacen grandes. Es el eterno dilema del pescador de lucio, ¿dónde está ese super lucio de dos cifras?. Esperando el vídeo del viernes, algo ya me puedo imaginar, un saludo y que siga la pesca.

  3. Nice video your lures are good but they are too small, i fish with lures off length 15 cm to 21 cm and 40 grams too 110 grams.
    I love jerkbaits the big pike will grab the lure from topwater in winter time!

  4. The big ones were hiding from you, but at least you got a few. I bet you've been plenty of times and caught nothing at all, huh?

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