Who Lives At The Bottom Of The Mariana Trench The deepest, darkest, scariest place on the
maps we loved pondering as a child was a crescent-shaped canyon in the western Pacific Ocean. It was called the Mariana Trench, and at the
very, very bottom was the lowest point on Earth’s surface, the Challenger Deep. Its floor was seven terrifying miles down. We all probably have heard about it before
. All you learnt in school was that everest is the highest place on earth and mariana
trench is the deepest , but today we are going to tell you something
different. We are going to reveal how strange things
this place hides and what are the creatures living there . But before that ,
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videos . The Mariana Trench or Marianas Trench is the
deepest part of the world’s oceans. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean,
an average of 200 kilometres to the east of the Mariana Islands, in the
Western Pacific East of Philippines. It is a crescent-shaped scar in the Earth’s
crust, and measures about 2,550 km long and 69 km wide on average.Event the tallest
mount everst call fall into it . And Now we will tell you about the inhabitants
of mariana trench . The expedition conducted in 1960 claimed to
have observed large creatures living at the bottom, such as a flatfish and shrimp.They
discovered life at the depth of 7000 meters. And also revealed that they existed in huge
numbers .Including all kinds of bacteria , vertebrated and many other enormous unidentified creatures
.These are real monsters . In July 2011, a research expedition deployed
untethered landers, called dropcams, equipped with digital video and lights to explore this
region of the deep sea. Amongst many other living organisms, some
gigantic single-celled amoebas were observed. In December 2014, a new species of snailfish
was discovered at a depth of 8,145 m , breaking the previous record for the deepest living
fish seen on video. Several other new species were also filmed,
including huge crustaceans known as supergiants. Deep sea species are also known to grow much
larger than their shallow water relatives. This is known as marine gigantism. But the discovery of life is not the only
thing . The researchers who went down there saw a disk shape creature clearly . which
was stairing at them . But wht it was they dont know . And unfortunately the creature
escaped from there in no time. What it was is still a mistery ?
in 1985 the crew of the amercan ship sent a 9 meter trench to the bottom of the ocean
. Suddenly the computer begain to make some strangest sounds . And the cables holding
the tench almost gone to breaking . The researches reushed to bring the device
back to the surface ,to find out the reason for this strange happening .
But something held the device and wouldnot let it go .
Finally after the struggles of 3 hourse the unknown force relesed their device . But when
the device came up there was a horrific view there were bite marks on the machine . Like
something has bite it . Some joint sea monster . what kind of creature
could have caused this is still unknown . The crew was extremely frightened . The bottom of mariana trench is covered with
various mountains .But the area where the studies were conducted was barren . There
was not even a sigle rock . Later on the researches revealed that the
damage caused to the wires and machine was by a giant monster called Megladon .It is
a huge pre historic shark which weighs 50 tons
and 22 meters long is a long incestor of modern sharks . It was beleived that they disappered
more that a million and a half years ago . But if the report is correct Megladon didnot
depart this world . Scientists also found a giant tooth as the size of human hand . And
it is thought to belong to megladon . We are looking for aliens in the wrong place
. we look for them in the skies and galaxies but they are right below us . And in future
we expect much more such discoveries and we will be here to tell you all about
them . So . What do you say about this topic . Let
us know in the comments because we would love to know your thoughts . Thanks for watching

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