Why Are Lights Flickering In My House? Meter Lugs Are Discoloring

This Joshua Peterson with Peterson Electric,
I am here today in Highlands Ranch for a customer. I have had a lot this year about lights flickering.
It is kind of odd. Sometimes it happens because of lightning strikes, just odd various things.
I found out something newer today. What the compliant was the last 4 to 5 months as I
have gone to Jon’s house here was we guided him through breakers to reset. It seemed like
it solved the problem. On the phone I knew there was nothing shorting, faulting or tripping
out, but a got a call just about 2 weeks ago and got him scheduled in to come out here.
When I got here, I heard some sizzling in the panel. It was kind of odd. It was echoing
a little bit. It definitely sounded like it was going through this nipple chase to the
meter. We popped the meter off. Popped the tag, pulled the meter, called Xcel and got
permission. We found one of the lugs right here on the back side of this meter feeding
the panel, it was loose and it was starting to blacken. Problem we had that night getting
repaired is that I didn’t have any of those older lugs from a 25 year old meter on my
van. We needed Xcel to come out and see if they had a lug and put a new tag. This customer,
Jon, real lucked out. Normally, we can’t. If you loose that lug, you have to change
this meter. Then once you change the meter, as you can
see on this house the fence post, the siding right here, even the plastic that guards the
conduit here, all of this would have had to change. The cost would have been really expensive
right off the bat. We thought we solved the problem and then about a week later, he said
yeah Josh I still have some lights flickering in the basement. We went down there and came
back and found that we had a loose neutral wire, but we also found a couple of loose
connections in the basement as well. When we went down there, we kept the power on,
we wouldn’t have heard that current coming back on the neutral. If I moved the wires,
I heard it crackling. If the lights are off and nothing is being used, it is not going
to do anything. We were able to trace that better by leaving the power on downstairs.
Even if we would have check an ohm meter, it still would have read some continuity.
The best way to check it was running it hot. Thanks for joining us! See you next week!

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  1. Aluminum conductors I imagine. I found plenty loose in almost 40 years of working for the utility company that I worked for in New Jersey. I always had spare connectors.

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