Why are Pounds labeled lbs?

Hash# pound and lbs. what are they what
makes them related and confusing? A European currency, a measure of weight or
just a function to talk someone on social media
well are you curious? let me explain lbs this is not an abbreviation of Pound but
is short form of it. now wait a minute! How would lbs be short form of Pound?
there is no L there is no b on pound. I’m glad you didn’t ask but I’m still
gonna tell you anyway lbs is a short form of the word libra from its full name
libra pondo libra pondo was the currency of ancient Rome. A way to tell
how much something was worth compared to Gold, relating weight to currency. today,
pondo, which we now call the pound, is used to denote currency by Britain and
other countries and is symbolized by a large L which is widely mistaken to be
an E all because of a stroke on it .Today only three countries still use the pound to
denote weight these are the United States of America, Liberia and Myanmar Pound for weight takes its name from pondo and its short form, lbs, from libra. however there is another confusing symbol the hash symbol the one used on
social media to talk someone or a topic or to get things trending well same
story at play lb as a symbol for libra roughly written looks like this which
later on became an independent character hash# or pound and is also used as a
shortcut for numbers! #

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