Why meritocracy is America’s most destructive myth | DeRay Mckesson

I wanted to write about what it means that
some people seemingly have to “earn” or do something to deserve access to things that
we think about as basic necessities. So how hard can you work to earn access to
a meal every night, or like what do you have to do to “deserve” a good education? What do you have to do to deserve to have
housing? And that’s one of the ways that race sort
of works in this country, is that there’s some people that are deemed “inherently
worthy.” So we think about the way whiteness works
and white supremacy, white people are just deemed worthy of things, but there’s this
notion that you need to work extra hard to deserve a great public education. I am from Baltimore and when you think about
the school system Baltimore City is not funded equitably at all and it’s like, what do
those kids have to do to like earn equitable funding? They actually don’t need to do anything
besides just be alive! And one of the things that we need to do is
make sure that we set up a system where people just have the basic necessities like food,
water, education. We can guarantee that. There’s no reason why we don’t have it. I actually think about the difference between
equality and equity. Equality is “everybody gets the same thing,”
equity is that “people get what they need and deserve.” And the work of justice, we’re almost always
fighting for equity. So we think about things like school funding,
we are not asking for equal funding, we know that it just costs more to educate kids who
grow up in poverty, it costs more to educate kids with special needs, and we know that
we need to pay that cost, that those kids deserve that. We’re not saying that every kid it costs
the same to educate every kid, that’s just not true. We want a world of equity where people get
what they need and deserve. We know the disparities around criminal justice,
that there are disparities around race and we want an equitable system that doesn’t
penalize people for where they live, how they show up, what ZIP Code they come from. So the difference between equity and equality
is an important distinction, and the only way to get to equality—equality of access,
whatever metric of equality you want—is by having equity of resources, equity of experiences,
that the equity piece says that “you need something different and you deserve something
different, and from a system level I’m going to make sure that you have access to that.” So I was talking to somebody about food stamps
once and she was like, “People should have to work for food stamps because if they work
for it they’ll have dignity.” Like, not eating, I think, is pretty like—not
having food is a lack of dignity right there. Food is one of those basic things— we have
enough food that we could feed everybody, we have enough water that everybody can have
three meals every single day, like we can guarantee those things, we don’t need to
artificially create this “requirement” that people work so they can earn food. Like we can actually guarantee these basic
things for people. And one of the things that we have to do as
we fight for social justice is talk about these things, as basic as they are. That it’s not radical to believe that we
can live in a world that police don’t kill people. It’s not radical to say that every kid should
be able to read and write. It’s not radical or extreme to say that
we can feed every single person every single day. The only radical thing about it is that we
have to say it in the first place! Like that is actually where the radical part
comes in. And I think about that because polarization
thrives in a world of extremes, and so often people want to paint our positions as extreme. It’s not an extreme position to say that
like there should be equity and fairness. And that’s not extreme. The only extreme thing about it is that we
don’t have it right now and we have to fight for it. I was in a meeting once and we were talking
about welfare and it was people from the Right and the Left. And there was a person in it who was sort
of against welfare and her push was like, “People need to earn it, people need to
like work hard for it, and if they work hard for it they’ll feel better.” And it’s like… I don’t know, I think that people like have
already worked hard to get a meal. I think that people being alive is enough
of that, and there’s some people who feel like they just deserve everything. Like one of the ways white supremacy works
is that people really do feel like they’ve put in the hard work, they’ve done something,
or that all the things that they get are actually the benefits of their hard work. You think about the way wealth works in this
country is that in 2053 the median wealth for black people is going to be zero dollars;
the lowest recorded wealth since we’ve been recording wealth in this way. And you think of what a median wealth of zero
dollars, and you think about white wealth, which is, it will be about $100,000—and
the median black wealth will be zero. It’s not like white people worked hard for
that. It’s not like every white person was like
some entrepreneur that like did all these wealth-building things. The government literally gave white people
wealth. The government gave white people housing loans
with very little interest; the government gave white people land; the Highway Administration
created the suburbs. And you think about what it means that the
government gave white people like education en masse. Like those things contributed to white wealth,
but there are people that are like, “I worked really hard,” and it’s like, how hard
did you work for a system that just benefits your skin color at every turn of the way? You didn’t do that. How hard did you work for every Band-Aid to
look like you? How hard you work for “nude”(TM) to be
the color of your skin and not mine? Like you didn’t do that, a system did that. And like you benefit from the system and part
of the work of white people is to understand the privilege of whiteness and to understand
how a system provided that, and work to dismantle it. It actually is dangerous to teach it—so
there’s a study that came out that for the first time measures how meritocracy impacts
middle schoolers, and it’s seventh grade kids. And it shows that kids actually kids of color
do worse later if they believe that meritocracy is like a real thing, because the system starts
to bear down on them often in hard ways, and they think that it’s a result of “I’m
just not working hard,” and it’s like no, we know that the way systemic racism shows
up later means that no matter how gifted you are, how great you are, the outcomes still
just aren’t the same. We know with criminal justice—you think
about New York City—that 90 percent of the people arrested for marijuana are black and
brown. You and I both know, that 90 percent of the
people in New York City smoking weed are not black or brown! When we think about the arrests, we think
about disparities in education, the meritocracy sometimes causes people to blame themselves
for outcomes and not realizing the system is almost guaranteeing a set of outcomes.

100 thoughts on “Why meritocracy is America’s most destructive myth | DeRay Mckesson

  1. Those people on the US blaming everything on skin color. We in the Third World see it more as a conflict between the elite who write the rules in their favor and the masses, who toil for them.

  2. This guy is retarded. White man served in the Marine Corps 02 to 06 got out guess when I was poor six long years poor. Didn't ask for s*** made it happen by myself being poor. No food stamps nobody paying for my rent. Poor. You know what a poor white guy gets whenever he goes to a bank and just once a loan so that he can have some extra freaking money in his pocket so you can possibly eat something denied just like everybody else you racist f**. Where's the equity in that? The only difference is that until I see some ignorant son of a b*** like you I don't have room to complain I deal with thank cards I've been f**** given I work my ass off I have a home now I have kids I have everything that everybody else deserves to have if they work hard for it not giving a f**** thing s*** pisses me off

  3. The majority of the very wealthy inherited their wealth. They didn’t earn it. A single parent working a couple of minimum wage jobs AND shopping and cooking and cleaning and caring for her family works harder every single day than they EVER will. Merit, schmerit.
    Ive led a relatively privileged life but the older I get, (and I’m quite old) the more I realise the merit theory is largely a convenient rationalisation for the lucky to justify their luck so that they don’t have to feel guilty or share it.

  4. His whole world view is based on the idea that resources miraculously appear, and that "we" have enough to help everybody. Food doesn't emerge out of the ether, it's grown by a farmer. When a former grows it, you don't own it.

    This guy is a case study in projection. He complains about white people that "some people just feel they deserve things."

  5. Meritocracy doesn't care how you became the best for the job… It only cares that you are the best for the job.

    If you're the best neurosurgeon and I need neurosurgery… I don't care how you paid for school or if you had posh parents or if you sold weed to pay tuition.

  6. You think that there should be an entity responsible for providing food for those who can’t provide it for themselves as a basic human right? You’re out of touch with the natural world.

  7. I wonder what conditions should be where we can say "I think that's good enough. We can stop now." to positive discrimination.

  8. So your argument is people should just be given free stuff cause skin colour… eh, you're actually a racist, complaining about entitlement while expecting it.

  9. I " 'work' so that I can earn food" every single day. I also pay taxes and give to charity so that, among other things, people who are unable to " 'work' so they can earn food" can eat. What is wrong with expecting a person who is able to work to " 'work' so they can earn food."

  10. I agree with the crux of what he's saying but I had to dislike because this "whiteness = free benefits" bullcrap is outrageous.

  11. Wow, settle down commenters. This guy isn't talking about white people as a problem… he just pointed out white supremacy as an extreme position. So like, take a chill pill. I'm a white guy btw.

  12. It costs more to educate people with low IQ, and some ethnicities have a higher average IQ than others. Individuals vary of course, but averages exist, and that's not racist, that's a fact. This guy is completely unwilling to accept that white people, on average, act in ways that reflect a higher intelligence, which greatly affects how one spends, saves, and invests over years, not days.

  13. People in the comments here bitching about how "entitled" this dude is without once considering that the things they themselves take for granted in terms of support networks and funding might be colouring their understanding of these issues. But, of course, they're completely objective and rational actors, and this man clearly isn't. Despite the fact that he has more than enough lived experience working with people with these issues day to day for years, and most of these folks… well, I don't want to presume, but…

  14. For past months, I walk around and ask neighbors with Asian origins to share the wealth that was handled to them by government. So far I got 20lbs of rice, 2 gallons of soy sauce, some curry. One neighbor – I think he had to be from Japan – when he heard that I fail to provide to my family, gave me tanto and whispered 'it's time for seppuku'.

    It's hard to take seriously person, that uses air quotes when talking about work.

  15. The problem in America nowadays isn’t race. So we need to quit playing identity politics.

    The PROBLEM is that the working and middle class at large has less wealth than ever before. Wages are stagnant, and unions are crippled while corporations have more wealth than ever before in American history.

    Issues of race, gender, and immigration are distractions. Whites and minorities of the working class need to unite and vote for a Worker’s Movement – Social Democracy. (FYI not Socialism or “Democratic Socialism”)

    The elite uses these social issues as a distraction while they laugh all the way to the bank. The term WHITE PRIVILEGE IS MISLEADING. Whites in the South and Rust Belt are fucked over just as much as blacks in Chicago.

    Yes, racism exists but it isn’t the systemic problem that the Left thinks it is. And it’s not totally gone the way the Right thinks it is.

    INCOME INEQUALITY IS THE PROBLEM, and the next political Candidate who realizes that and wins over White workers will become the next President of the United States!!!



  16. So We shouldn't want Meritocracy? So, I bust my butt and get it and no matter what I didn't get it because white supremacy? Seriously, give em too much power

  17. He was right on a few things… But it’s such a horrible thing to be a victim of the system, mentally; and yet feel so entitled at the same time.

  18. He has some good points. Everyone should have a house to go home to, three meals a day, clean water, clothes, medical care, etc. It isn’t an extremist belief that you need to work for food, water, a home, etc. those are basic needs.

  19. First of all there's not a perfect system, but meritocracy is the best we have. it's the closest thing to justice we have.

    Instead of trying to establish a flawed system like DeRay wants, we should put controls so that meritocracy can work properly.

  20. No one likes Taxes, and perhaps one day we'll be able to have a system where we don't need them. But until that day, let's make sure that taxes benefit everyone. This country can easily afford to give, without exception, everyone the absolute basics of food, housing, and healthcare. However we CHOOSE not to, because our government values businesses over people, it considers "legal persons" like corporations to be more important and more deserving of aid than physical persons. This is beyond stupid.

    Reparations are dumb and unfeasible, but when even the poor and historically oppressed can know they will not starve to death, that they will not freeze to death, that they have a roof over their heads, and getting sick or hurt won't ruin their lives forever or put them into debt slavery, then they are free to advance themselves and dig themselves out of their hole, regardless of who put them there. Will people take advantage of this and be lazy? Yes. Will the people who want to better their lives and contribute to society outnumber them and whose contributions will give society more than the free riders will take? Yes.

    A lot of people feel that being able to get by without working is wrong and offensive, so we should prevent that at all costs…Unfortunately this attitude is counter-productive and is detrimental to everyone in society.

  21. I have to say, I’m a 34 year old white man from Mississippi, and I have never thought that someone didn’t deserve to go to school. That’s crazy. I think this guy may be missing the mark. Or at least looking at things VERY different than myself. I think fatherless homes and abuse of government aid are the big problems.

  22. Wow, this is one of the most ignorant things I have ever listened to. This is something that can only come from an educated person, to be this wrong, this far detached from reality.

  23. Wouldn't it have been nice to all just sit back and let nature provide us with food, housing, education, etc?

    No need for personal responsibility. Nature will build and run our educational centers, coddle each of us, and provide all our basic needs without requiring us to do anything.

    Just come and see how nature does this all for us here in Africa.

  24. Explain to me just how I am in ANY way "privileged" or even "born" into privilege? Are you a complete moron or are you continuing to toe the line of so-called "social justice" simply because you're not white? Take a look at your surname, pal. Last I knew, anyone with "Mc" in their surname was of Anglo-Saxon origin so guess what? YOU likely have that terrible white person DNA, too, so YOU also have this "privilege". YOU are a hypocrite, plain and simple. Ever look in a mirror? You've got a hell of a lot more than the thousands of homeless, poor or otherwise disadvantaged WHITE people who live in the United States.

    Oh and spoiler alert…every human being on the planet has WHITE bones!! OMG!! #whitebonesareracist

  25. First of all. I agree that basic needs need to be provided for in society. We need to ensure we all get the same level off opportunity. And yes some people might need more than others (people with disabilities for example).

    That said, the tendency of humans to blame their own failures and misfortunes on others is ridiculously high. That’s the basis of tribalism. The nazis blamed it on the jews, the communist on the capitalist and today everybody seem to be blaming the west, capitalism and the “patriarchy”.

    So when you say that, in general, failed students should not blame it on their own lack of effort, but instead blame it on a rigged system, you are playing into the same victimhood mentality as the nazis did in nazi-Germany. It’s an intoxicating drug that is easy to swallow for anyone that experience hardship and/or failure.

    Second, the insistence on meritocracy is one antidote to this toxic drug. Nazis did not use meritocracy as the primary mode of selection. They used race.

    So when you say that the “myth of meritocracy” is hurting failed students, your response should not be to say that the myth of meritocracy should disappear, as it plays into this victimhood mentality. The right and more benevolent response, if you want a society that is less prone to fascism, would be to say that society should enforce meritocracy harder.

    If you start to erode meritocracy as the principle of how we structure our society, we will regress into a society predicated aristocracy, racism or any other form of tribalism.

    If you think meritocracy is a myth, then start fighting for transforming the myth into reality.

  26. The more I think about it, the more it strikes me how odd the way we fund schools is. Think of the US military. We can talk about how there's no real threat of invasion by anyone and how bloated the military budget is (and I agree on both of those points), but the military exists to protect ALL parts of the US, regardless of wealth. If some foreign power was to invade any part of the US, be it Los Angeles or say, some Podunk town in the middle of nowhere, the military shows up with however much force is needed to take out the invaders. We don't have a situation where if Los Angeles is invaded, they can count on having an air force squadron, navy squad, and an entire military platoon to protect them, whereas Podunk can only get a couple of guys in an APC. Like I said, the US military will roll out with whatever amount of force (men, arms, etc.) is needed for the situation in question.

    Why not something similar for education, where every district, regardless of the wealth of those living in it, is given roughly the same amount of money, though said amount will be adjusted for number of incoming students. Like if District A, a rich district, is given X amount, than District B, a poor district with the same size student population, will also receive the same amount from the State or Federal government.

    We encourage education as the route out of poverty, but it doesn't do anyone much good if a Rich district has top of the line-everything, whereas the poor district is stuck with ten-year-old textbooks, a building badly in need of maintenance, and outdated athletic equipment. A student in a poor district could get into the same college as a rich one, but the point is, poor kid shouldn't have to deal with these conditions and work twice as hard as rich kid, to get the basic stuff rich kid takes for granted.

    Also, statistics have shown that a robust welfare system actually winds up making more money for society than it costs. When people have extra money to spend, they, well, use it to buy things, which puts more money into the economy and helps create jobs. Think of the innovations in tech or whatever that we might be missing out on, because people are too busy struggling to eke out an existence, to sit down and really explore their new idea involving X. Stress has very real, deteriorating effects on someone's ability to think Constantly worrying about food, shelter, and medicine kills creative thinking flat.

  27. Meritocracy: Rich kids are meritorious. Poor kids have to pay for their parents' and granparents' faults.

    Advice: Don't get kids if you can't secure them a decent future because the meritocratic system has no mercy.

  28. It's not that Meritocracy is bad, it's that people claim the definition of Meritocracy like they're prophets, prophets of narcissism perhaps.. Meritocracy CAN work, it can however ONLY work if paired with Marxism, this way it can never be used as an excuse for people in power who never worked for anything and have no objective merit-value from a secular darwinian perspective to disregard all valid criticism of the system that gave them more power than they would ever deserve objectively.
    I wish all of you watching this video and commenting could read my comment, this is essential steps to take if truly care about the subject of Meritocracy.

  29. In america, food banks and restaurants give standard quality food and water…. for free. Food stamps should be for those getting off their feet, and want good food for six months or less. Food stamps is used as a $700 check for Trader Joe's while the middle class family's supplying food stamps have to shop at the dollar tree. What I'm saying is true- because my mom got foodstamps for us three boys. I'm poor, and can confirm food stamps hurts all involved in the process. I'm white, and can confirm there is no privilege for my skin color.

  30. "We don't need to artificially create this requirement that people like," work" to earn food… "

    Actually… You do because that food doesn't magically appear on the grocery store shelves.

    There are people who work, and work very hard to plant and grow that food, raise the livestock and ensure its safe for consumption, package, ship, and display on the shelves for others to buy.

    You, however, do not deserve to benefit from their labor for free just because you employ sophistry in place of well researched and sound arguments.

    Every person involved from the farmer to the cashier works to bring that food to you…

    Please provide a valid argument as to why you deserve to benefit from their labor for nothing in return other than gracing them with your mere existence.

  31. dont even think i disagree with anything here, but the presentation is awful. Several fallacies, and the script is written at something like a 4th grade level.

  32. Who will provide these basic things that you mentioned? I agree it would be cool to have all of those basic stuff that you mentioned. It would also be nice if you mentioned the other side of the equation. Who will provide all these stuff and how do we ensure that it is provided?

  33. I’m a first generation Eastern European immigrant and I gotta tell you that this is some ignorant shit. Truly an impressive combination of Marxist-flavored foolishness and racism.

  34. The American Civil War was oddly brutal. What was the south fighting for? Did all the Rebels own a farm and a slave or two or three? I've lived in America for over four decades and I can't understand half our history.

  35. Ok, so usually, I can make it to the end of Big Think videos, even if they are leaning heavily to one side or the other. But this man is just making a video so he can hear himself talk. I couldn't make it to the end, and I have to comment. De Ray, you are right in your idealism that everyone SHOULD have access to everything they need to be fed, socially well adjusted and educated. However, if it was that easy, it would already be reality. As a matter of fact, we DO NOT have enough food to just GIVE EVERYONE all of their meals for free. We have an overpopulation epidemic that no one is going to solve until our children are neck deep in eating crickets for survival and living in their cars because renting an apartment will only be for the middle class and above. Please don't make any more videos on this channel unless you are returning from an expedition and have found an infinite supply of food, energy and living space.

  36. This guy needs to grow the fuck up and stop being a professional victim. How bout teaching people to make responsible life choices, take care of their families, and live a decent moral life. This will resolve 99% of the problems.

  37. How did I go from watching Michio Kaku to watching this idiot, who actually thought “Planet of The Apes” was mocking him because one of the ape was wearing a blue vest. Wtf is going on with this channel?

    Listen u stupid fuck, my family came to this country with fucking nothing and we lived in a one bedroom apartment (six kids, two adults) and somehow all six of us managed to finish college and have a career and own our own homes. The spooky white man obviously didn’t stop us from being successful. Stop being a lazy fuck and expect other people to produce shit for you. Fucking loser mentality.

  38. Someone tell this genius that everyone is born unequal .. inequality is genetic .. it does not matter how much money you give those who do not succeed there will ALWAYS be inequality of outcome
    .. it is also immoral to steal from the people who work to succeed and give to those who you believe need more .. theft is theft .. who made you Emperor and the grand master of who should succeed in life?
    Big Think is turning into a lefty state capitalist Big Stink

  39. I believe in meritocracy I only judge people on their merits but am I wrong to only judge people on merits another interesting thing that should be looked at is nepotism

  40. Maybe I should google this but are "white people" in the US assured free housing, food and education on the basis of their skin colour?

  41. Socialism does not work…..Not exactly a “genius” idea….. the undertone of white privilege or class privilege is simply false…. Your plan lacks the most important fundamental thing in society…. INCENTIVE…. White Privilege is a myth and an excuse. Focus on a solution not an excuse you blanket “privileged white”…. Black on Black crime is SOLELY responsible for the disparity in statistics of which you creatively manipulated to fit your narrative. When band standing line this is done without fact or research or merit, you become part of the problem not the solution.

  42. Some people are better at things!!? Its just horrible, that person over their may have worked harder in life and thus has a nice car, its evil…..racism…….its

    systemic, racialised, inter inverted sexist perspectives based upon the lens of non sensical word salads

    We should definately take all the money people earn, by force, and give it to people that want to sit about moralising how everyone else is just not as woke as them. Pfft meritocracy, what an evil thing. Making people achieve and better themselves. How utterly horrendous!

  43. Oh my fucking god, somebody bring me in a camera controlled room with this guy and let me debate him. What awful arguments he brings and retarded idealistic world views. This is actually amazing, not only that he has these thoughts, but that someone is willing to give him a platform for these ideas.
    "What people deserve, NOBODY deserves anything, you prove your worth and get rewarded" Also "White supremacy"??? My dude, if you really hate white people so much, just move.
    BigThink: Socialism+

  44. 2:46 "It's not radical to think that we could live in a world where the police won't kill people" Are you fucking retarded? It's a radically dumb idea!!. It's actually so stupid to think that police would not kill anyone in the world ever that I question why Im even commenting this right now. It's so stupid to even think about this.

  45. Holy crap. This guy's perspective is so ethnocentric, it's ludicrously offensive. "White" people aren't believed to be inherently worthy of anything. There are tonnes of white people living in abject poverty, and very little is done to help them. The primary form of privilege in our society is inherited wealth. Historical factors do cause a correlation between that and race, and racism does cause inequalities between white and black people of similar levels of wealth, but the wealth disparity required for a white person to be less privileged than a wealthier black person is not large.

  46. I find it strange that this video has so many dislikes. It is of the same mantra as many of the equality/inequality type videos. Meritocracy is going to cause some inequality and I am surprised that so many people didn't like this video but would rave on about inequality in the US.

  47. everything should be shared. no meritocracy. everyone should be equal. no life is worth more than another. capitalism doesn't allow for this and therefore is wrong. i don't know what the answer is but it's not what the world has today. we need a completely new society. even the scandinavian countries are backwards. power to the people.

  48. The problem is real. Unfortunately when one makes a wrong diagnosis, it leads to the wrong solution. In the case of the white privilege argument, it is most dangerous because it blames people who are not personally responsible. The system exists due to inevitability’s of the human condition and we do need to do something about those who lose. But not this way.

  49. This snowflake doesn't get and never will. NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING. Not even food, medicine or shelter or clothing. You may NEED these for survival but you are NOT ENTITLED to them. People are responsible for themselves and where they are in life. Baltimore is a city run into the ground for a number of reasons, you want the schools to be better, the people have to want that! If you don't value education then your schools are neglected. If you are lacking something it's because of you, not white people. What a racist jerk!

  50. A talk given by a man who was either to weak or to lazy to make it in a meritocracy, that or he's a SJW who is so delusion he sees everything through the lens of race

  51. "Equality means everyone gets the same thing".. that's equal outcome. What equality actually is, is everone has the same opportunity to succeed. If you sit on your ass doing nothing you get nothing. And secondly, who the hell do you think you are to assume that because I'm white, I didnt work hard to get where I am today? That I didnt spent hours studying, working to pay for my education, busting my ass, working hours of overtime and sacrificing to get noticed and promoted in my office? That the only reason I got here was because I'm white?
    You pretend to want fairness and equality but the reality is you're nothing but a racist. You hate white people. You group all white people together as white supremacists regardless of our individual characters and accuse us of only having success through this racist system that gives white people everything for free and holds down POC. Show me one law that specifically differentiates poc and white people, and gives white people more rights, and limits the rights of poc. 1 law that clearly states, " this law specifically applies to black people or white people only"…
    Go on… I'll wait

  52. Its the same with Welfare, EBT, food stamps, and section 8. The ones who haven't tried and didn't succeed in life believe they deserve it. And its most definitely not a race or creed ideology like you propose. This handout mentality is what seperates the ones who are willing to produce and create and those who want to leech and decay the society from within.

  53. So wrong you’re talking black or white. It’s about richness and power. Forget it. You’re on YT talking about no food? Go to Ethiopia or Sudan and then say something!

  54. Who says anybody deserve anything? That’s the very basic idea of aristocracy. Are we going backwards? Though the channel content will somehow mirror its name.

  55. Why do liberals always manipulate language in a way to make it favorable to the point they're trying to make? Equity means what you need and deserve? Is he suggesting what you need is equivalent to what you deserve? Load of bull. If you don't work (deserve), you don't eat (need). Someone who comes from a better financial background is gonna have a leg up. This is true. Who cares? All that means is you have to work harder at something that may be a given for someone else. The tall dude is going to have an easier time getting into the nba than the guy who is 5'9. We're not the same. We all have advantages and disadvantages. That's life's reality. Stop crying and find your niche.

  56. Excellent talk. Refreshing, intelligent, insightful and informed. Braking away from the fictions of scarcity and meritocracy that are leading to so much inequality, economic oppression, many other harms and waste of human potential.

  57. two minutes into the video and he is not answering what the title said, at all.
    The title is "Why meritocracy is America’s most destructive myth",

    so he should explain what meritocracy is; how America express that value; how it is damaging to American society.
    But it talks about none of those and goes straight to talking about providing basic necessities, making America more equal.

    Basically, he wants to convince his audience we need to spend more money, without saying why initially.

    Even if he finally starts explaining the relationship between white privilege and meritocracy; how the outcome can be impacted by race;

    why would he think guilt tripping white American- that is the majority of the US population- can make them willing to help?

    Nobody likes to be told they are wrong.

    He should try to convince them that it's an honorable and beneficial thing to make America more equal.

  58. What the fuck? This guy doesn't… fuck did I just watch?
    Either this is bad editing, or he is disorganized as hell.

  59. White people succeeding over other ethnic groups is NOT meritocracy. It’s quite the opposite. They have more money because of generations of inheritance.

  60. Now that "White Supremacy is almost completely removed from Africa, how are your people doing? I'm sure the African universities are churning out Doctors, and Lawyers, and Engineers. What's that you say??? You say that White Supremacy is still keeping you down, even though you have killed most of the whites? Hmm, I wonder if there could be something else at play here// Just off of the top of my head, I will Guess Genetics.

  61. You Americans (referring to comments below) just can't let go of your meritocracy. Oh, keep shooting one another until the last man is standing. Because that's exactly what is happening. Expect more, and expect to wind up down the sewer.

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