Why No One Can Break Into The Most Secure Place In The World (Fort Knox)

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all your online accounts secure! It doesn’t matter how good you are, or how
much criminal expertise the crack-team you put together has, there are still some places
a person just cannot get into. Maybe you want to break in to the Svalbard International
Seed Vault. First you’d have to get to a remote island in the Arctic circle and then
get past motion detectors, blast proof doors and a meter thick steel reinforced wall. And
all for some seeds. Or maybe you want to get your hands on the 4,600 tons of gold in the
Bank of England gold vault. Well, bombs wouldn’t do much against the 8 foot thick walls,, and
if you want to get in through the gigantic main doors you’ll need a set of three-feet
long keys. But to even get that far you’ll need to get past a state of the art security
system. It’s not going to happen, at least, we don’t
think it will, but so-called impossible crimes have been committed before and another may
surprise us. But what about the USA’s Fort Knox, a place that has become a byword for
security. You’d be richer than you could imagine if you could get away with the loot,
but how on Earth would you go about the heist? Well, first of all you should know what’s
in there. According to the Bureau of the Fiscal Reserve
in 2018 there was 147,341,858.382 ounces of gold kept in Fort Knox. That’s around 4,177,071
kilos. Most of that is in the form of gold bars and if you got your hands on it you could
end up with around $200 trillion dollars at the price of gold today. Of course you’d
probably crash the gold market trying to sell off that much, but let’s just say you’d
be set for life. $200 trillion worth of gold sounds like a
lot, and it is, but, according to the United States Mint this isn’t even close the largest
amount that has been stored there. The most gold the vault has held was in 1941 when it
had over four times as much at 649.6 million ounces. That’s around 18 million kilos give
or take. Regardless of how many hundreds of millions of ounces of gold are in the vault,
you’re likely not going to be able to get it all out of there at once. You’ll probably
be limited to as much as you can get into the back of your trucks. U.S. law states that
the most weight the biggest tandem semi-trucks can carry is 80,000 pounds (36,000 kg), so
let’s just say you have one of those. Obviously if you’re pulling off the biggest gold heist
in history, you’re not that worried about breaking the law concerning carrying too heavy
of a load, but it’s likely the law is in place for a good reason. You don’t want
any accidents during your heist or your truck breaking down, and you definitely don’t
want to get pulled over for carrying a too heavy load. We just checked today’s gold
price per kilo and it was about $43,000. That means with a full load you’d have a legal
value of $1,548,000,000. We think that’s enough; you don’t want to be greedy afterall. Ok, now you’ve worked out the truck and
how much you’ll get away with, but how do you fill it up? We know this can’t be a
one man operation, there’s just too much weight to move. The U.S. mint says that usually
each bar of gold measures 7 inches x 3 and 5/8 inches x 1 and 3/4 inches and weighs approximately
27.5 pounds (about 12.5 kilos). Heavy, but still light enough that it wouldn’t be too
much trouble for the average adult to move around. But even with a good team and maybe
some industrial carts you have in your truck, it would still take a fair amount of time
to fill up, since your truck can hold almost 3,000 bars. Nothing you can’t handle though,
you have your A-Team after all, consisting of you, your buddy, your other buddy, and
a couple of guys you met at a concert last month. Ok, truck, carts, friends, big swole muscles
ready to lift – now it’s time to figure out how to actually get inside. First, you’ll have to break some bad news
to the boys. Since the vault started storing gold in 1937, no one has ever broken into
it. No one has even tried, because, well, it just seems so impossible. For starters, the vault is located on a military
base, hence the name “Fort” Knox. There are literally thousands of people living on
the base,and it’s huge, measuring 109,000 acres (170 square miles, of 441 km²). At
any given time around 30,000 soldiers might be stationed either on or close to the base
along with plenty of tanks, armored personnel carriers and military attack helicopters.
So you’ll have to get past them, as well as many heavily armed Mint Police, just to
get to the depository. You should also know that the building where the vault is located,
is totally out of bounds. There’s an extremely rigorous process to vet anyone coming to the
vault. Absolutely no one is allowed to just show up and waltz in, no matter how important,
no matter how good their documentation is, not even the President of the United States. So let’s be honest, you’re never getting
past the thousands of military personnel, but let’s just say for the sake of fun that
you and your team have an ace in the hole. You have used mini drones that can bypass
detection to fly all over the base and spray a very powerful chemical agent in the air
that causes anyone who breathes it in to become unconscious for quite some time. Again, we
know this is a total fantasy but let’s just pretend you’re a rogue nerve agent scientist
that has developed the perfect knockout gas. You now at least have the opportunity to get
your truck close to the building housing the vault, but oops, it’s surrounded by ten
foot high electrified fences, but that’s not a big problem because you have special
cutters. Also, now that you are close, even though everyone in the vicinity is knocked
out, the radar is still active, and what that radar catches will be sent back to other bases.
But let’s just say you have managed to block the radar signals, because you met a guy in
a bar the other month who did a stint at Area 51 and he knows all about jamming signals. Radar, electric fences, getting past that
is heist 101 class stuff. The radar was the hard part, and the fences, even the electric
ones, as we said you can easily get past. But now another problem has arisen, because
that pretty lawn around the depository is littered with landmines. Okay, so you had
to Google “How to get through a minefield” and you were pleasantly surprised to find
lots of, hmm, experts. They told you to get ahold of a metal detector and mark your path
as you go. Just in case though, you have some of those huge funny-looking military foam
boots to spread your weight over a given surface. How did you get them? Well, let’s just say
you know a guy who knows a guy. You plan your route, marking your way with little flags,
and that’s the track you will use with your gold-filled carts. You are finally at the building, thankfully
with all of your limbs still intact, and you are now well aware that it is filled with
armed mint police. Time to get out the gas masks and fill that place with your special
go-to-sleep chemical concoction. After a few minutes filling the building you are pretty
sure they are in La La Land. If the outer door is locked, no problem, this door you
can blast through. It will be the easiest door of the day. Inside you have to get to
the vaults at the bottom of the building, and this is how they have been described “A
two level steel and concrete vault that is divided into compartments… The vault casing
is constructed of steel plates, steel I-beams and steel cylinders laced with hoop bands
and encased in concrete.” The door itself is said to weigh 20 tons. You cannot blast
through this door, and it takes a number of combinations to open it and no one person
in the world has the complete combination. In fact, all the different people who share
some knowledge of how to get in all have a set of different instructions. You would need
to know who all these people are and get them all to tell you the truth. Luckily, you met a hacker the other month
who has spent years hacking military databases and especially anyone even remotely concerned
with the vault and its security. Prior to your heist you gained knowledge of these people,
to the extent that you know what aftershave they use and who their favorite niece is.
You have kidnapped these people and are now presently showing them live feeds of their
most loved family members, including their beloved grandparents, cherished family pets,
staring down the barrel of your buddy’s gun. Violence is not your style, but it was
the only way you could get through those doors. They reluctantly each give up their part of
the combination and the massive doors swing open. What you see in front of you is just what
The New York Times saw when it became the only media outlet ever to get a peek inside
the vault. It said this, “Stacked from the floor 8 feet to the ceiling in a vault 6 feet
wide and 12 feet deep were 36,236 bars, glistening in the half‐light.” A beautiful site to
be sure. Now you just need to move 80,000 pounds of
awkward gold bars into your carts, up and out of the vault, through the rest of the
building, across your marked path through the minefield – watch your step- and load
them into your truck. If each cart can carry roughly 1,000 pounds without breaking then
that’s only 80 trips! So now you just need to hope that you can get the gold out and
no signals of the breach have reached the authorities. And let’s not forget that most
of these security measures we have talked about are mere speculation, there could be
many more that we’re unaware of. But let’s just say you have beaten the system, and now
it’s just some grunt work getting all the gold to the truck. When fully loaded you and
your guys drive off into the sunset, hmm, let’s say sunrise. It’s better if the
job is done at night. You are going to have to melt this gold down and then find a fence
to get rid of it for you. Luckily you met a guy at the bowling alley the other month
and he knows a guy who knows a guy who is buying a huge amount of gold. You heard his
name was Gold-pinky or thumb or something like that. Job well done, give yourself a pat on the
back. Of course the entire time you and your friends were doing this you have state of
the art disguises on as well as full-body outfits which would prevent you leaving behind
any trace of you and your friends’ DNA. As for the equipment used and the truck, well,
let’s just say you met someone in the YouTube comments section who knows how to make inconvenient
things disappear. Congratulations, you’re now an overnight billionaire! Now to retire
and spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder wondering when the full weight
of the US justice system and military will come crashing down on you. Okay, so we had to get pretty creative to
figure out a way to break in to Fort Knox, but most hackers don’t have the same issue.
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this that it would be even remotely possible for someone to break into Fort Knox and steal
the gold? Tell us in the comments. Also, if you do end up with a billion dollars, be sure
to check out our other episode Spend $1 Billion Dollars In 24 Hours or LOSE IT ALL – CHALLENGE.
Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. See you
next time.

100 thoughts on “Why No One Can Break Into The Most Secure Place In The World (Fort Knox)

  1. Who's the guy in the comment section?! Why wasn't I told about him before? I could use some of his expertise…😂

  2. At the current trend, the US would be wise to just hold onto the gold until the value of gold rises enough to wipe out the national debt or significantly reduce it by selling off most of the gold.

  3. The biggest amount of gold held at Ft. Knox was in 1941..?
    Dude. The federal reserve ROBBED the people of their last bits of gold bullion under the pretense of jail time during the first depression.
    The federal reserve installed ITSELF in the government in 1913. The 1st depression was in the mid to late 1920s. I think the biggest amount of gold held at ANY place was during the depression and not 1941.

  4. Obviously no one watch the penguins of Madagascar

    The easiest way to get in there is just tell some random penguins there is Cheetos in there and they gonna bust in there with the force of the us military

  5. Watch Die Hard with a Vegence. Beautiful movie on so many merrits, one of which is the villan's plan to remove every last gold bar from the Federal Reserve in New York using a bomb on a train, an industrial miner, a fleet of bobcats, and 14 dump trucks. And that's not counting the countless other distractions used. It's just eligant, and the movie gives so much personality to even small characters.

  6. Am I the only one that noticed that when the dimensions where given for a gold bar the graphic was incorrect. That’s the engineering in me.

  7. The graphics are wrong at the 3:02 mark when describing the dimensions of the gold bar. They show the 7" on the short side and 3 5/8" on the long side of the bar.

  8. My opinions/recommendations:
    1. A major, likely suicidal, distraction will be necessary for your drones to even get in positions without getting spotted and shot down.
    1.5 Using existing neurotoxins will be vastly more effective than making and using a non lethal knockout gas of your own, but you will need a serious set of protective gears and be willing to be responsible for horrible, painful deaths of many (including any and all bystanders downwind).
    2. An extremely powerful radio transmitter broadcasting over all frequencies can work as a local radio jammer.
    2.5 Even more major, probably suicidal, distractions will be necessary to force the military to not pay attention to the heist. Alternatively, you could have a large fleet of small aircrafts or ridiculously and impossibly many drones 'spray' aluminium flakes at high enough altitude to disrupt radars and also divert attention, but that would also likely be suicide mission for any pilots involved.
    3. Fences can be rammed through with heavy enough vehicle, modified and reinforced.
    4. A path can be made over the minefield easily by using a drone to lay out a string of explosives; the explosions will detonate the mines along the path you laid with the string of explosives.
    5. The inside of the building will need to be cleared out manually to account for modular air circulation system with independent air filtration systems. Each 'squads' will need 'tank team' with wheeled ballistic shield and full-body and suit to force entry and take hits, while the 'fire team' deploys the neurotoxins; obviously, all of your underlings will definitely need to keep their protective gears on.
    6. Thermite can be used to melt though the vault door or any physical barriers. If necessary, you may even melt through the wall and the ground around the door instead. Continued distractions will be necessary to buy you sufficient time.
    7. Have multiple identical transports, and have some carry your loot and some full of explosives, and make a few of the fake transport vehicles be captured intentionally and use their destruction as distractions to escape.
    8. Sigh in disappointment as I now inform you, at the bottom of this gigantic wall of words, that those in charge of protecting the fort has already made contingency plans for all possible situations including this.

  9. No such thing as the safest place to put your money into. Remember that. Also, your fantasy plan is not fool proof. Seriously, you still gonna use traditional ways? You're joking right? No one in the right mind would do what you've been saying, it has a lot of holes.

  10. 4:48 Gas? 8:50 Goldpinkie? In the 1964 film Goldfinger, with James Bond, Auric Goldfinger tries to get in there and make the gold unusable(making it radioactive) to make his gold more valuable, crushing the market. The way he wants to get in is by using gas sprayed from planes above Fort Knox to get unconscious all the guards, so you said the same thing, but with drones. I wonder where that idea came from….

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