what’s up guys it’s Tracy welcome back
to my channel and today I want to talk about why you can’t lose those the last
stubborn paths now to be clear I’m not talking about going from 0 to 20 pounds
or 0 to 15 or 0 to 50 pounds I’m talking about like you’ve already lost a bunch
of weight but you just can’t seem to get those last few pounds off so if you want
to learn about me what are the some of the mistakes that you might be making
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get into this so number one reason that you might not
be able to lose those last stubborn pounds is you’re not eating enough now
this can be really counterintuitive you know I had a woman just recently reach
out to me and said you know what Tracy I’m down to 800 calories a day and I was
like girl because what happens to our body from a scientific from a chemical
perspective is our body goes into starvation mode and so our hormones get
out of whack and we think that we’re starving so what happens that metabolism
start slowing down because you’re not eating enough so one thing that you can
play with to start increasing what you’re eating by a little bit so you
don’t want to go from you know like I don’t know I’ve got a calorie counter
but like what might be like 800 calories to like 3000 calories that’s a big jump
and it probably also wouldn’t feel good for your body but just by increasing a
little bit maybe you have an extra serving of vegetables or an extra
serving of soup or you know add in a little snack if you need one so that
your metabolism goes ah mm-hmm we ain’t starving so it’s really really important
that is a dated method you know it’s not the old calories in calories out it
really is not the case at all okay so number one you got to make sure that
you’re eating enough we need to fuel this beautiful body of
yours to know that it is safe to release those last few powers we got it
the number two reason why you might not be able to lose those last stubborn
pounds is your hormones now here’s the thing with hormones and I am super
passionate and have been about hormones for years now our hormones are
constantly changing and influx as women okay so don’t believe the hype we’re
like well it’s my hormones I don’t know about you but I grew up with women
saying that a lot well it’s just my hormones and thinking that was the end
of the conversation it’s not however here’s what happens when we are trying
to lose weight and you’re doing so with traditional dieting methods okay our
hunger hormones because remember what I said your body thinks it’s starving so
our hunger hormone which is Grayland okay
that starts telling you I’m hungry I’m hungry I’m hungry so that’s why think
about it I used to be a dieter for 18 years okay when we go on these Parisi
you know calorie deficient diets then it’s like just the smell of a slice of
pizza makes you want to just like one run and grab it okay
that’s not because you are crazy but it’s because your hormones are fighting
against you because again your body thinks that you’re starving
now there’s a slew of hormones that all work together so that’s one is your
hormone ghrelin that’s telling you like oh my god made a made it you need to eat
more okay leptin is the hormone that tells us that we are satisfied okay and
also if you’re not eating enough sometimes that that hormone it doesn’t
tell you okay I’m good I’m safety which it won’t because again everything is out
of whack here and then lastly you know a third hormone that comes into play here
is your cortisol ladies when we go on these weight loss journeys it can be for
many of you in very stressful when is it gonna happen when is the weight gonna
come up when is it gonna happen do you know what happens that stress and that
weeding and that frustration and then like it’s not happening fast enough I
lived for like 18 years so I know this firsthand that raises your hormone
cortisol and a lot of you might know this cortisol is the belly fat hormone
okay so I have people in my life that very very little and guess what
have very big bellies why because their hormones are totally out of whack so we
want to get our food to start working for us so that we have beautifully
balanced hormones the number three reason why you just can’t lose those
less stubborn pounds is your metabolism might have slowed down because again if
you’re constantly doing that old model of dieting which does not work and being
really calorie deficient your metabolism says oh we are starving
therefore we need to conserve our energy and then what else happens your body
starts breaking down your lean muscle mass lean muscle mass is really
important because that’s what gives you that fat burning power right when we’re
strong and we’re healthy and we’re really living in our best life right our
body you know we’ve got a lot of nice lean muscle mass that’s why I’m so
passionate about the workouts that I do because it’s going to increase that lean
muscle mass which by nature having more lean muscle mass means that you were
burning more fat other things so if you are starving
yourself thinking that’s the solution to weight loss girl you are setting
yourself up for failure and that’s just not correct so those are your three top
reasons why you might not be losing weight okay my mission is to help women
to get to the truth of what is really required to live in bodies and lives
that they love and I’m telling you ladies starving is never the answer
it’s just not so I want to hear from you let me know what your biggest takeaway
was from this video leave me a comment down below and if you liked this video
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is a mission that we’re on and together we can make a difference in the lives of
so many women all right that’s what I’ve got for you today let’s stop making
those mistakes right let’s shake on it no lower that crap no more starving that
crap doesn’t work all right you guys you guys are all so I will see you next time
and have a great week


  1. The stress aspect was a good reminder, that even watching and wondering when the weight will drop and getting frustrated can work against you. Thanks!

  2. I always used to hear to eat breakfast so your body doesn't go into starvation mode, but now the latest weight loss method is intermittent fasting. People are getting good results from eating only within an 8-12 hour window per day. I wonder why their bodies aren't going into starvation mode…?

  3. My 2019 "resolution" is going to be taking a good hard look at my stress levels. I have toned up so much (yeah, TBT!), but still have a lil' ol' ring around my middle…and I know I'm pushing too hard, doing too much, and stressing out about it all. Thanks for the nudge.

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