So in this video we’re going to be giving you guys three reasons of why your hips aren’t getting any wider and it’s not just The only three reasons in the world, I’m sure there are loads of reasons out there, but we’re just picking on three Yeah, so a lot of you guys have gotten to our channel by watching our wider hip workout and Chi’ transformation so Lots of you guys obviously have been doing the workout and we’ve had mixed results So some people have messaged us on Instagram with pictures and said “look before and after pictures”, it works And we’ve had people in the comment section say it works and lots of positive feedback across the board But then at the same time there’s loads of people that are saying “I’ve done it for a month, I’m not seeing that much of a difference” or Should I do this work every week and stuff?
Some people are not really sure about how to go about getting wider hips so we’re gonna give you three important reasons So what’s the first season Chi?
So the first reason is unfortunately unrealistic goals So what you guys would see is for example, you know click bait; you click on a video you’re thinking “Oh my god, that’s a real transformation” No, it’s not. It’s Photoshop.
So the main I’ll say important thing to realize is everyone has a body… a baseline body type
(Excellent) So we have a video. I’m sure you can click on it somewhere and it’ll help you figure out what type Yeah just keep going. Don’t worry, I’m just showing them where it is.
(Laughter) It’ll help you figure out what body type you are and then you can see whether it’s realistic to be hourglass or if You’re just being like plain crazy out there thinking that…. Yeah, I’m gonna build upon this point Yes, I think that’s a very good point like your baseline body type will determine how….. how crazy Of a gradient you have between your waist and your hips in general so Chi, building up on this point like we’ve got lots of people that watch our video that They’re they’re not…. They haven’t gone through puberty so like some people are 11 years old, as young as 11 crazy innit? Some people 15, 16, 17 and they want to know obviously how can they get the best results? What advice do you give them? Well when I was 13 years old and I’m sure Edward’ gonna find a picture of me and put it up there (It’ll be here). Don’t take the mick guys but like when I was 13, 14, I’m telling you I was straight, I was straight and there were no hips and you couldn’t really tell any difference between my hips and my shoulders The bone structure was very much the same, I walked in a straight line It’s only when I got a little bit older puberty hit, and everything. I started seeing myself like “hey, what are these curves you know”. (Yeah) And getting used to them but there’s no reason why you should start telling yourself “I’m gonna start working out to get hips and I’m 13, 14 years old” Even 15 (you’re not gonna see any difference)
I would say when you’re 18 years old 19 you’ll see that you know, okay fine “if I’m doing this just for my aesthetics (Mmm), then I can start training”. But if you’re 13, I think just do fitness for fun. (Yeah) for keeping fit Yeah, don’t do it because you know, you’re trying to get an awesome body because when you try to grow up before your time it just, it’s , there’s no point Yeah, I did wear makeup when I was 13. I don’t know what you guys are doing if you’re wearing makeup I mean you’ll probably be pro’s because I’m rubbish at makeup anyway But I’m just saying that there’s certain things you don’t have to worry about as a teenager especially when Your hormones aren’t straight yet. Anyway, exactly. So the first thing we’re trying to tell you guys is that if your pre-puberty You’re not going to get the right results It’s unrealistic expectations to expect that you can look like Chi at your age now if you are like obviously 13 She looked nothing like she does now and when she began she did have a gradient between her waist and her hips She was still very skinny and it wasn’t as curvy as it is now But the foundation was there so if you were to train you can end up achieving good results, right? So we’re gonna put obviously the before and after picture. She was 56kg* (52kg at 17 years old) to begin with at end You got to what how how much were you at end? 61? It was 61 or something But anyway as we’re saying yeah, so if your pre-puberty rethink your goals maybe just take some time out and maybe set a target that maybe when I’m 18 or 19, I’ll start training for aesthetics and Improve for my physique because then “I’ll know what I’m gonna look like in general”. If your changing you can’t really obviously pick out a certain look Your limbs change, how much fat you’ve got around your face changes, lots of things change in puberty. I think the second reason why your hips aren’t getting wider is because a lot of people are following YouTube workouts, like it’s going crazy man So we see every day like, every day without fail, we see a new hip workout on YouTube How many hip workouts have you made Chi so far? (one), One workout Another workout we made, we called it smaller waist, wider hips People are saying can we stack this on top of the other one and get double the results, What people don’t understand Is that smaller waist, wider hip workout is actually a fat loss workout Yeah, because what did you do? We gained bare (loads of) muscle innit?
(Exactly) Okay we’ll say….I’ll keep the English proper, we gained lots of muscle and then an end you had to do what? I had to do a cut yeah so it’s not like I just Used that workout alone and became lean, so I’m telling you guys you do gain and then cut so yeah Yeah, because when you gain muscle, if you’ve got a caloric surplus, sometimes you end up with a little bit extra fat gained It’s natural. It’s not too bad You don’t end up with like a ton extra fat, but obviously if you want to get the you know the craziest of, you know Waist to hip ratio like Chi got in the transformation, she had to cut a lot of the fat off her waist Right and some of that fat came off her hips as well but in in a good ratio Because she built a lot of muscle on her lower body It increased the ratio, so that workout is just primarily for fat loss, right? and to maintain the muscles, to engage the muscles So you don’t lose all the muscle whilst your trying to lose weight Yeah, but the main point here is that we’ve only got one workout out and that’s because we want you guys to understand exactly how long it takes to build muscle and Yeah, if you keep watching YouTube videos and you’re seeing a new workout come every day and you keep switching routines It’s not going to work because you need to sometimes have some consistency in your workout so that your body can actually understand that that this trial for instance has X difficulty and If you keep changing it, you’re going to keep on training a different proportion of muscles with different difficulties And it’s not going to work out the best for you now A lot of people on our video till this day ask you Chi, how many times should you do the workout? Okay, so if you’re trying to gain weight guys if you’re trying to gain muscle, I mean I always specify I do (train) each body type. I mean part. I do each body part like separately So I’ll have maybe some engaging workouts that involve different body parts.
But I do them once a week once a week So when I train, okay we train hard. (Yeah, we train hard) so it hurts for five days. I’m not going to try and do two? It doesn’t make any sense, and if we try to do two a week Then we wouldn’t have like a synchronized weekly pattern because I’ll do it on a Monday, I’ll be sore until Friday So if I was to train on Saturday, even though I can fit in another workout the week Then I wouldn’t be able to meet the next workout on the Monday innit. So it’s just complicated Just keep it once a week. It works. It does work. It takes a while to build muscle, but you can’t train every day So another point, why do a lot of youtubers want people to train every day? Let’s be real…… on YouTube obviously as you get to become a YouTube partner you get paid to obviously promote different people with different advertisements on your channel and YouTube pays people based on your watch time metrics. Yeah so in essence The more views you have and the more times people watch your video (and the longer) The more money you make so you might see a lot of five-minute workouts, seven minute workouts They tell you to do it every day, and that’s the best strategy to go for if you’re trying to make money But at the same time we we want to keep it real with you guys We haven’t told you guys to watch our videos like every day unless you need to really watch every day So you’ve got to make sure that you guys understand about what muscle hypertrophy is and the science behind it because it’s really simple It’s the same thing for guys and girls, right? You’ve got you’ve got to have that kind of mindset You can’t expect to gain muscle in two weeks If you see any video telling you that you’re gonna change your body in two weeks time. You’re not going to get any results I’ve been training my brother for like three weeks now and even three weeks in (optimal training and diet) the results are very minimal I can see results. But if you were trying to be like See night* and day, You wouldn’t see night* and day because it hasn’t been enough time. Alright and that’s just the way it is, so you’ve got to get used to that So that is gaining muscle That is gaining muscle, weight loss is different if you were to do seven, ten minute workout every single day twice a day, three times a day, five times a day. That’s even good, you can do it. You can burn more calories, You can eat more. Yeah Yes it’s weight loss journey , it’s different.
Muscle gain you’re capped there’s a limit and We will actually put down some statistics of how much muscle You should expect to gain- if you’re gaining a pound of muscle in a month. That’s a lot I’m just telling you that even if you’re a guy
so be prepared to wait for longer if you want to get wider hips Alright cool. Now the final thing or the final reason why people’s hips aren’t getting wider who watch our video, what is that? Diet,….(Diet)……(Simple) Yeah, so we are on our weight gain journey diet and Okay, we’ve been doing the workouts and we did say we’re gonna show you guys weekly Stuff, we’ll talk to you about that at the end.
What is the most important thing? Oh if I’m gaining muscle, and I don’t eat more (calories) sorry, If I don’t eat more calories. I could be losing weight. I could be staying the same Yeah, there’s no way you’re gonna get a juicier or whatever it is (physique) you are trying to get yeah, whatever part you’re trying to get juicy You’re not gonna get it if you don’t add, you know, those calories to facilitate the growth. (Mmm exactly) So you need to have a caloric surplus to… Make sure you get, you build muscle in a reasonable time frame A lot of the people that said it hasn’t worked for them when I asked them obviously What is your TDEE, just a simple question like that? That’s your maintenance calories. How many calories your body burns in a day? They don’t know and I think you need to know even if you don’t count calories You need to know about what figure you should expect so You know exactly how many…. how much you should be eating You need to be aware of that in a little way and also your protein intake You should be a little bit aware of how much protein you need to gain muscle so I’d say a high figure is about a pounds of protein per No, sorry a gram of protein per pound of body weight. But that’s… I think that’s too high, like for me I wouldn’t do that. That would be 174 grams a day for me. I normally keep it between 1.5 To 2 grams a kilogram. Yeah, so 1.5 to 2 grams a kilogram and I think that’s a decent amount but get the diet Right if you don’t get the diet right You’re not gonna see any change because it’s been like four weeks since we started our weight gain journey. We haven’t been counting calories I haven’t even be eating properly and I’ve gained, I’ve lost weight actually
I’ve lost two pounds which is okay because it was 2 pounds of excess fat so I look a little bit Leaner now and you’ve gained one pound I think so as you can see it’s not like proper efficient We haven’t been working in the best way. So if you have been obviously doing these Mistakes or you haven’t been paying attention to the different factors we’ve just mentioned in this video make sure you actually pay attention to these and it can be the difference between reaching your goals or completely feeling Demotivated and saying “you know, what? Nothing’s going on. I’m not getting the results I want” So I think that’s a wrap. Yep So thanks for watching this video. We hope you enjoyed it So this is gonna be a new consistent video three reasons Why and then whatever topic we pick let’s know in the comments below what you want us to choose Thank you so much for watching. And again, please subscribe if you haven’t already done so Yeah support us on patron as well we’ve got a patron account if you guys want to check it out, link’s over there Also follow us on Instagram. We haven’t been active on Instagram, but we’re going to be active soon. So stay tuned


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