Wie kann man schnell 20 kg abnehmen | Schwangerschaftskilos schnell abnehmen

Hi and welcome to my long promised video about my weight loss journey i´ll do my hair while i tell you all about how i lost 50 pounds I use my 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron, link is in Info box I have used 3 Apps Pacer App to track my steps Yazio App to track what i eat and drink and a 7 minute workout app to include some sport in my day i didnt do sport every day but a had the goal of walking 6000 to 10.000 steps every day for example: dont use the nearest parking space to the supermarkt use the one which is the farest away from the entrance thats how you get at least 100 steps more. I took Yasha on long walks with the stroller and now i tell you what i ate and drank on a normal day i woke up early at about 6.30 or 7 am and drank a big glas of water to hydrate my body after the night instead of first drinking a coffee and i did fasting interval so i only ate from 10 am to 6 pm before 10 am i just had one black coffee to give my body a break and let it burn calories instead of giving it new calories so we start with water and a black coffee then at 10 am i ate an apple with 2 Spoons of oatmeal in milk and i had my first coffee with milk 🙂 i´m a coffee junkie and i love coffee with milk until 12 am i drank 3 Glasses of water then i had my lunch, for example a Yazio Pro Meal: Chickenpeas coconut curry, or a Nizza Salat with Yazio Pro it was much easier for me to cook with low calories so i just ate 500-600 calories and i was full at 2 pm i had another coffee with milk or sometimes something “sweet” with stevia like a chia-cacao-pudding which i also found on the yazio meals with 168 calories then i drank 4 glasses of water until 17:30 when i had my dinner so i had at least 2 liters of water every day so whenever i thought i am hungry i drank some water and most of the times i didnt feel hunger anymore i wasnt sugarfree all the time, but always a few days and i reduces the sugar i still had an ice cream with the kids, but not every day But if you can dont eat and drink anything with sugar and it will help you to loose weight much quicker what i have at home now all the time is Greek cream jogurt with 10% fat because it fills you up and tastes fantastic with not a lot more calories than normal jogurt and i eat a lot more wraps and burritos i also have salsa sauce at home and use it a lot but be careful, there are a lot with high calories and some with low. choose carefully so i think thats it now i´ll show you some pictures thats when i had 90 kg in December 2018 always remember, thats how it worked for me. Maybe it doesnt for you maybe fasting interval from 12am to 8pm is better for you Thats me now 🙂 with 65 kg I hope i answered all your questions if not contact me if you lost weight with my help also contact me 🙂 and if you dont feel good in your body because society gives you the feeling that your body isnt right always remember we can #normalizenormalbodies check my instagram @salirasa i hope to see you again

3 thoughts on “Wie kann man schnell 20 kg abnehmen | Schwangerschaftskilos schnell abnehmen

  1. Ich kann auch Heilfasten empfehlen (da klappt auch mit Kindern, habe selbst ne 4 Jährige). Hat viel positives und man nimmt zusätzlich relativ schnell viel ab 🙂 Und vorallem nimmt man beim Heilfasten hauptsächlich das ungesunde Bauchfett ab! Ich habe 21 Tage gefastet und 9 Kilo abgenommen und das Gewicht seitdem gehalten!

  2. You did an amazing job, you look fantastic! 🙂 I struggle to loose weight (health problems) I did try intermittent fasting a few months ago but I fell off the bandwagon pretty quickly! I need to maybe try it again….when you say you had yogurt with cream, do you mean you added the cream to it or did you buy it like that as I have not seen plain yogurt with cream here? Your makeup and hair are so pretty 🙂

  3. Ich hab meine Ernährung seid 5 Jahren komplett umgestellt und es funktioniert super. Ich nehm immer den griechischen Joghurt mit 2 % Fett den mach ich fertig mit Zitronensaft und Süßstoff super lecker. Hast du super gemacht .

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