Will a water meter save you money?

Hi I’m Andy Webb from Be Clever With Your Cash.com.
As you can see behind me, the road and all the roads around where I live are being dug up. And they are being dug up by Thames Water. Because they’re doing this. They are
installing smart water meters to measure how much water you’re using, I
guess the big question is if you’re thinking about getting a water meter or
something like this has happened to where you are, is
will a water meter save you money? Right I’ve come around the corner, it’s a bit quieter here and because it’s actually my road. This is kind of what they’re
doing. They dig a little hole on the side roads and install the meter
down there on the pipes that go directly into your house. Then this smart meter
will digitally, electronically, it will send through all the readings of your
usage and you can look at it online on your bills. Now Thames Water are doing this compulsorily. They’re doing it all now, but you’ve got two years time to
decide whether you want to do it or not. But in two years you have to do it. It’s a
different story for other places around the country. For most places in England
and Wales you get to choose. You get to ask if you want to have a water meter
installed. Northern Ireland – your water rates are already included and in Scotland a water meter installation isn’t free. But in England and Wales it’s worth thinking
about it because it could well save you a decent amount of cash. So how do you
know if it is? Well a simple rule of thumb is if there are more bedrooms than there
are people living in a house then you’re likely to be paying more than you need
to for your water. There’s also an online calculator and that’s what I looked at
just before I came out to film this. Because only two of us are living in a
three-bedroom house around the corner actually we would save about £200 a year. This is estimated on exactly how many showers
you have a week, how many times you use the dishwasher, washing machine, baths, how
many times you flush the toilet. All of that calculates together an estimated
bill of what you might pay and it’s actually a fair bit cheaper. So
it’s probably something I should have looked into a few years ago. The problem is if you have more people in a house than there are bedrooms or people use water a
lot – you know maybe you’ve got a keen gardener and using the hose lots –
then it’s very likely to cost you more money. So the only way to really
tell is to go online and in the links below the video and over on Be Clever With Your Cash.com – where I’ll post this video as well – I’ll put a link to this calculator that
you can try out and estimate exactly how much use you’ve got. Well if you’ve
already got a meter because you’ve moved into a house with a meter or the
compulsory installations are happening like here, well there are still ways you
can cut your bills and it’s very very simple. You use less water. So it’s making sure that you don’t necessarily
flush the loo every single time. There’s that phrases “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if
it’s brown flush it down” but it’s true. You don’t necessary need to.
But it will save some water. You can get showerheads which reduce the amount of
water and pressure that’s coming out. It’s a huge craze now isn’t it to get
these fantastic kind of waterfall showers, which just drench you as water comes down. But they’re obviously great for a shower but not good for water in terms
of the use of it and the environment but also not good for your bills. So that’s
also something to think about if you are considering moving over to a water meter – what kind of showerhead you’ve got and if you are willing to make any changes
because it could become quite expensive. But there you go that’s water
meters. If you can save money or not it’s pot luck. But remember that general
rule – if there’s more bedrooms than there are people in a house, then it’s likely
you will save. For me that works out maybe £200 a year, so very very much
well worth and looking into it. I’m Andy Webb, this is Be Clever With Your Cash. Do subscribe to the YouTube channel and head over to the website. Thanks

3 thoughts on “Will a water meter save you money?

  1. Thanks Andy you explained That better than Northumbrian water , think that’s me getting a meter , thank you so much for sharing 😁.

  2. Yeah and 'what' do you think these water companies are going to do when they suddenly see their revenue going South? Yep, exactly like the electricity and gas companies are doing, they simply 'increase' the cost per unit of what they sell to you. So, in the end? you wont 'save' anything, but you'll be able to sleep better at night, knowing that your helping these greedy companies who truly have the monopoly of supplying the things in life that we 'need' to survive!!!

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