Will It Blend? – World’s Largest Gummy Bear (and other Burning Questions)

-Vat19 presents:
Burning Questions, featuring real
customer inquiries about the world’s
largest gummy bear. -A curious customer
named Danny writes: What would happen if I put
my world’s largest gummy bear in the microwave
for 10 minutes on high? Let’s find out. -That was gooey. Christie asks: Will it blend? Good question. -Oh my god it’s burning. -Sugary. Gus wants to know:
Does it bounce? Not bouncy. -Amber writes: When will
you make a sour version? We tried that once. -Anthony asks: Why don’t you
make the world’s largest gummy bear on the world’s
largest stick>? -Zach says: I have a bad temper,
and I tend to kick things. What would happen? -Jenny wonders: Will it
drastically expand underwater? -Kevin ponders: Could
it be used as a weapon? Yes. -Matt asks: If I give
a midget a switchblade, and the gummy bear a
hatchet, which one will win? -Well that’s all
the time we have. You asked for it. -The world’s largest gummy bear. Buy it now at
www.Vat19.com Vat19.com

100 thoughts on “Will It Blend? – World’s Largest Gummy Bear (and other Burning Questions)

  1. We have more giant gummies! Questions about the 3-foot long World's Largest Gummy Worm are answered here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP7xMbg6RmI

  2. I can see why everyone is commenting about 1:34.
    How would YOU like it if people stuck a metal rod up your anus?

  3. I’m sorry, this episode of Midget vs Gummy Bear has been cancelled due to unforeseen inconveniences. Instead, we hope you enjoy Tie-Knot Balloon Wars!

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