Wine Glass Charms

Hello, I’m Kelly Acheson from astamp coming to you from Menasha WI. Today for the
Splitcoaststampers tutorial we’re gonna be playing with shrink plastic, Now you
may remember this from when you were a kid – we called it shrinky dinks and they
were so much fun watching the magic happen in the oven.
There’s a much easier way to shrink those little puppies down and I’m going to
show you how to incorporate them into your stamping. Let’s flip this camera
around and get started. So this shrink plastic that I have here is very old –
I’ve had it in my stash of supplies for quite a while. But I do happen to know
that you can get shrink plastic or shrinky dinks just about any place that
carries craft supplies. It doesn’t really matter what the brand is. This says it’s
artist grade shrink plastic. Doesn’t make any difference,
it all works. The only difference that I did find is some of it this is solid
white and I had some other shrink plastic that I was playing with that was
more of an opaque white. Either one works, they’re both fantastic. What I came up
with is I wanted some ideas for Valentine’s Day so I’m going to bring in
my Stampin’ Blends markers. All of the products that I’m going to show you today
are available through Stampin Up. Because I only have white
shrink plastic I wanted it to be colored for Valentine’s Day so this was the idea
that I came up with and I played with a lot of different things but the Stampin’
Blend alcohol markers seem to work fantastic for this. I’ve just got a
scrap of our shrink plastic… I shouldn’t say “our” shrink plastic –
Stampin Up doesn’t carry shrink plastic. I am going to just color in some of
the shrink plastic. I need an area big enough for the image that I am going to
make here. I just colored my shrink plastic, I’m going to let this dry a
little bit, it doesn’t take very long to dry
because these are alcohol markers. That’s the key here.
I’m not getting any color here so now I’m going to turn it over – I can
see through the shrink plastic as to how much I need to color on the back. Now of
course you could use any color that you want. I’m going to bring in Stazon
ink. You need a permanent ink to achieve any stamping on a non-porous surface. I’ve got Jet Black Stazon ink, and then I’m going to be using the Heartfelt
stamp set – this is a brand new Valentine set from Stampin’ Up; it also comes with
two different punches. We’ve got a regular punch and a scallop punch. We’re
going to be using the regular punch today and I’ve got the “love you lots”
that I’m going to ink up and stamp right on my colored shrink plastic. Get this
closed – you always want to make sure you’re closing up your Stazon right
away because it will dry out fast. Now you can punch shrink plastic and
that’s exactly what we’re gonna do here. These big punches work fine with it. If I wanted to now I could also stamp the other side and I think we’re going to
do that just because the project that I have in mind can be seen front or back. There we go. The other thing you’re going to
need to do depending on what you want to do with your shrink plastic when we’re
done with it – you will need a hole in it if you plan on attaching it to anything.
Or you may just want to shrink it down and put it on the front of a card as a
little tiny embellishment – but I am using mine to make some charms so I’m going to
take a quarter inch punch – you do need a fairly large punch because
the shrinking is huge when we shrink the shrink plastic down. I’m going to
use something to hang on to my shrink plastic and I’m choosing the Take Your
Pick tool and then I’m going to bring in just my regular heat tool – this is a heat
tool that I use for embossing. We’re going to shrink this and now you’ll get
to see the magic happen keep heating it until it lays back down. It will flatten back out. We’re done with that and now I’m just
going to take my acrylic block and press that down so that my image is flat again.
We’re going to leave it to dry for just a couple seconds. If you pick it up too
quickly it’ll bend it. There we go. is that not just adorable? Look how
intense that color is. It goes from being kind of a very light pink – by the
way this is the light Real Red Stampin Blend marker, it’s not the dark one, but
look at how dark that is and look at how much it shrunk! Is that not crazy? You
know I love the magic behind that. Now what I’m going to do with this cute little
charm is I am going to grab a jump ring – you can get these at any craft store
that sells jewelry supplies. Got a little tiny silver jump ring here – these are
6mm – they seem to be a really good size for this project. Whoops, I’m going to
fling it across my desk! We’re going to grab another one, we lost that one. I’ll find
it later I’m sure. I’m just putting my little rounded pliers in here and
you do this however you need to do it but I’m going to pull this apart a
little bit so that we’ve got a break in the jump
ring and then I’m going to slide it right on to my little heart. I know this
is probably hard to see because it’s so tiny – and then we’re going to pinch it
back together. I think I’ve got that pinched
up there really good. Now I don’t know about you but I have a whole bunch of
wine loving friends and I’ve got these 25 millimeter silver-plated wine glass
charm rings – they can also double as earring hoops. I’m going to take the little
tiny end on here and I’m gonna bend it back a little bit because I’ve also got
some beads here and these make just the cutest gifts. I’m going to pour a few
beads out into my hand – I’ve got some white ones and some red ones – and then
I’m going to just add some beads. I’m doing red and white, red and white and I
don’t know if you could really call that white it’s probably more clear… okay so
I’ve got five of those on there, then I’m going to bring in my cute little shrink
plastic or shrinky dink heart, and then I’m going to add five more beads
alternating those colors. We’re going to bend this little
piece back so that it’ll stay together. How cute is that!
Yeah, here is a little wineglass charm – you know you might have some friends who
would wear this as earrings – as an earring, you could make a pair – but
here’s what I did with mine. I am going to put this on my wine glass. These
glasses are so old – I actually got them for a wedding gift a million years ago –
but look at how pretty that looks on the wine glass, isn’t that cute? Now I also
wanted to show you… whoops I just tipped over my beads! this is how I would
display my wine glass charms as a gift. I made up this cute
little card and I can put this in a little gift bag with some tissue paper,
make up a matching card and give that too. Aren’t those sweet? I’ve got just a
couple more to show you – you can use punches of course with the shrink
plastic you can also use these dies these are wafer thin dies – you can
shrink that. You can die-cut it and when you do something like this this is the
size that it will turn out once you get it shrunk. This happens to be our little
Snowman Season. I colored on there with colored pencils and then I put a little
bit of Wink of Stella – I hope you can see that glimmer on my snowman. Isn’t he cute?
Again, stamped with Stazon. This could be a little wine charm. I also have
this one – I’ve only got one charm on here but this was actually our little snowman
punch the Snowman Builder punch. I punched him out and shrunk him and then
I would put four on this. I gave these away as Christmas gifts
this year to my wine drinking friends. I also made one with this little martini
glass. I thought that was really cute, and again I used the die to cut this. No I
didn’t use the die, I stamped the image then I cut around it with scissors and
you can see that I left – I punched a hole at the top and then cut around that so
that I could place a hole in it to hang it from my charm. And one more – I’ve got a
little keychain. This little keychain is die-cut with the oval from
the stitched shapes and stamped with the little playful penguin on there. Then I
wanted to show you the difference – this is the white shrink plastic which is
what we colored and used. This was the opaque. So you can kind of see through it
a little bit – they both work fantastic. All right you guys, thank you so much for
joining me for this tutorial. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to
leave comments underneath the video. I want to thank Splitcoaststampers for
asking me to do this tutorial for you. I hope you have a lot of fun with it. This
is a really fun thing to do with kids too because of course the magic of these
little items shrinking when you hit them with the heat gun and the simplicity of
using a heat gun versus having to go into the kitchen for the oven is huge,
right? I have a whole bunch of other ideas you’ll see some more of these wine
charms on my blog at I hope you get yourself some shrink
plastic and have some fun with it. buh bye

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