Woman Who Drank A Gallon Of Vodka A Day Shares What Dr. Phil Said To Her That Inspired Her To Qui…

my daughter Jessie is an alcoholic oh wait she has sucked the life out of all of us when Jessie’s drunk she becomes belligerent tell dr. Phil away a piece of I just want to know why you drank get away from me tell me what your biggest fear is I don’t think Jesse’s gonna live a couple more months I picture every day coming home from work that she’s gonna be dead that’s what you’re doing to her that’s what you’re doing to him that’s what you’re doing to your brother than why I drink a gallon of vodka a day you’re such an alcoholic these are the woods behind my house and I like to hide a lot of my liquor bottles in here I have driven drunk numerous times I drove with my son I was drunk the whole time he didn’t even think about it I used to work at a preschool and on my break I would get a pint of vodka and I would drink half of it I never got caught so you were working at the preschool drunk around these kids I was never drunk but I was buzzed you steal money from your parents yes you lost custody of your son okay you’ve driven drunk with your son you ain’t got far to run girl my husband has full custody and my son seven to ten days a month I get to see my son I want to party too much I’m not in the right state of mind to be a full-time mom why did you walk off cuz I’m so pleased that you right now you told my producer back state he’s not taking my son away from me right right yeah you don’t know what I’m gonna do yeah I’m not like your parents I’m not feel motivated I don’t give it whether you like me or whether you don’t your life’s not working it’s not working mentally emotionally psychologically or physically not at all how about we clean you up for real and then we go back to court and get that little boy and put him in your lap where he belongs what do you think about that I think that’s amazing [Applause] when I went on the show I was at such a low point I was pleading to God to let me die I had lost full custody of my son I realized what I had been doing was completely tearing my family apart I definitely needed the reality check the one thing that dr. Phil said to me that really stuck was how about we get that little boy and put him in your lap where he belongs and it was then that I knew I was gonna go away a treatment and a quota of recovery and run with it I hadn’t had that kind of Hope in years now I have three years and almost ten months of sobriety I have custody of my son now and it feels amazing every day I wake up being thankful for life dr. Phil thank you

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