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alright here we are at stuffy’s in
Longview Washington and we are going to try the bear roll challenge it’s a
10 pound cinnamon roll only one person has ever finished he is Jamie the bear
McDonald so today I’m going to try to be the second I can spin it around so it’s our at all right so you give a
time where you’ve gotten over there just like for you start okay yeah all right what’s up everybody
the day after tackling thaw in Hillsboro Oregon we drove 50 miles north from
Portland into Longview Washington Longview was home to stuffies number two
a local diner with some giant food challenges I’ve been there before to
tackle an 8-pound hashbrown platter yeah I’m gonna send it right to it but this
time I was looking for giant cinnamon roll glory
stuffy’s serves up an immense ten plus pounds cinnamon roll known as the bear
roll it costs about 21 dollars but if you can eat it in 75 minutes or less
it’s on the house and you’ll receive a t-shirt proclaiming your momentous
victory only one person has ever completed this challenge solo and that
would be Jamie the bear mcdonald the man that this cinnamon roll is named after
they don’t call it the bear roll for nothing you’ll need the appetite of a
bear or the tenacity of a bear and there’s a good chance you’ll need to
hibernate like a bear once the sugar crash hits you afterward while actually
eating this much cinnamon roll is ridiculous you can’t deny that the bear
roll is a beautiful sight to behold I’m impressed this diner found a way to
make cinnamon rolls this big that still stand up and look like halfway decent
cinnamon rolls stuffy’s number two makes an even more
gargantuan cinnamon roll that one’s called the party roll and it weighs over
20 pounds now the party role is not advertised as a food challenge but
rather a catering item so that’s why I settled on the more reasonable bear roll
both the barrel and the party roll require that you give the restaurant 24
hours notice and they will take down your credit card information to make
sure you don’t stiffed them but the good news is it will be ready for you when
you come to their restaurant to eat the manager and the servers were excited
to see me trying this challenge it’s the biggest one in the menu and most
challengers don’t get very far from what they told me in seriousness this 10 plus
pound cinnamon roll is overwhelmingly delicious and almost indescribably sweet
it felt like I was just eating sugar from a bag the middle of the roll
contains an enjoyable gooeyness under that thick layer of icing the cinnamon a
flavor is potent and earthy but it balances well with all that sugar all
that sweetness my only gripe with the barrel is how hard the outer edges
become from the baking process I embarked on a strategy of focusing on
eating the hard outer edges first believing that it would be easier to
wear down the tough crust first and I wasn’t sure how I’d manage on that as I
got towards the end black coffee was my friend on this challenge it helped to
cut down the sweetness so it was a great flavor aid but those tough outer edges
did not moisten or soften easily and to my horror I assume discovered that the
bottom crust the very bottom part of the cinnamon roll was also extremely tough
it wasn’t crunchy but it was at that point where it wasn’t easy to chew
either this barrel was starting to look like one of the hardest solo eating
challenges I’d ever encountered 75 minutes on the clock is generous but
sugar does interesting and painful things to your body as time wore on I decided to switch
things up a bit and focus more on that soft center to
get a break from the tough crust it was refreshing but by that point the sugar
high was in full effect I didn’t feel full but my body wasn’t thrilled with
all the sugar I was taking in here after a bit the icing began to taste sickening
rather than enjoyable and I hadn’t switched back to the crust thankfully
the coffee is bottomless here at stuffy’s but at this point I began to
seriously question my decision to leave the icing towards the end looking back
it probably would have been a better idea to take down all that icing first
while I was still hungry and fresh and my body wasn’t struggling with that
sugar rush the outer edges of this giant cinnamon roll remind me of a sweet pizza
crust it’s not necessarily fun to eat but at least he won’t struggle with the
overwhelming sugar enos of the icing and the soft center on this cinnamon roll
also I think part of what makes this challenge so hard is that in order to
bake the whole thing properly the outside gets super hard and the center
of the cinnamon roll is also undercooked and sometimes undercooked dough is is a
texture issue it’s hard to swallow that I was ok with it at first but towards
the end not so much the undercooked dough was feeling kind of gross and I
gagged a little bit there will be no dynamite booming today
around the 45-minute mark was still a half hour to go I realized that it
wouldn’t be finishing this mammoth barrel I wasn’t fooled by any stretch
but I wasn’t able to continue eating at a pace that was fast enough to complete
this challenge in the time limit that’s what I meant when I said that sugar does
weird things to your body I didn’t see any point in finishing this challenge
after the time limit so I accepted my fate this is the first solo challenge
that defeated me since the enormous mariachi burrito in Fresno but I learned a lot from my defeat and I
will be back this summer for a sweet rematch against the bear roll the people
at stuffy’s number 2 are awesome and I can’t wait to dine there again loyal things we’ve had like too much a little service too much a lot of sugar can’t do it you’re doing seller this is
the most I’ve ever seen anyone do I’m not full but the sugar has done the
point where I can almost we’re all really impressed by anything
else right now but this I Holly I could eat a little more but I’m not was it
good sell the cinnamon and stuff in the outside yeah so it’s very hard the
inside is very soft thank you everyone for checking out this
video hit that like button if you enjoyed the video or if at least you
enjoy cinnamon rolls be sure to subscribe to freak eating today you see
you don’t miss the other challenges I attempted in Oregon and Washington back
in March 2019 I will be back in Washington State this summer and I’m
gonna be visiting Utah as well so there will be some more food challenges coming
up soon until we meet again stay in school don’t do drugs and eat like a

73 thoughts on “World’s Biggest Cinnamon Roll (10+ pounds) Eating Challenge at Stuffy’s II | Freak Eating

  1. Sir Naader,
    Much respect! Super human effort in tackling that 10 lbs. of an incredible carb/sugar bomb. Looking forward to seeing the rematch!👍👍

  2. Again you made the Top 10 list. Congratulations.

  3. The excessive sugar, carb and veggie challenges are the worst. Just check Randy Santel in India. He was destroyed.

  4. too bad you didn't have a glucose meter to do a before and after to see what it did to your levels.

  5. Woah almost the size of a donut spare tire maybe thicker and yes I would eat that but probably explode 1/3 of the way through.

  6. There's absolutely no shame in this defeat. That roll truly is a beast fit for a bear. I'm honestly surprised you got as far as you did. On a side note, awesome Super Mario Kart shirt. I actually have an official world record in that game and I was published in Nintendo Power magazine twice. Not that it's a big deal considering that was back in 1992. Lol Anyway, great attempt, Nader!

  7. i cant see anybody finishing this bad boy without slipping into a diabetic coma, the sugar level has to be over 9000!

    yeah, i utilize old jokes, cant help myself. lol

  8. Not even a chance I'd try that. It would make a pretty interesting party cake though and the price is actually pretty reasonable.

  9. Heck yes I would eat that. But I don't think I could get very far into it 😉 Maybe a pound or two at the most.

  10. Dude that's rank u were given an undercooked cinnamon roll , better luck on the next challenge !!

  11. All of that damn icing was the culprit, stuff is super rich… but good to know your limits and when to stop. Hope you can go back and claim another win.

  12. Is it just me, or does it sound like he's saying barrel roll? I know it's Bear Roll, but like ._.

  13. It would be ultracool to know when/where you'll be doing a challenge in Seattle, I would definitely come & root for you.

  14. I always look forward to seeing your videos. I'm sorry you weren't able to finish this challenge. I was hoping that you were going to be able to win this one. Nice try though.

  15. The effort on trying to eat the gaint cinnamon roll was impressive even though you couldnt finish it still much respect and dope YouTube video man

  16. Man I gotta make it over to the west side of the state to do some of these food challenges. This one looks SO fun. Shoot, even if ya fail 21 bucks aint bad! Would love to give this one a shot!

  17. Impressive work. After 4 pounds of Donuts I was junk for the rest of the day. The Cinnamon Roll did look very tasty.

  18. Great attempt but I could finish that in 20mins, that being I love Cinnamon rolls, like who doesn’t, those 20 people that disliked the video😭😭😭 Smh 🤦‍♂️

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