Perhaps you’ve heard that the USA, the UK,
and some other countries have as much as 30% of their citizens overweight. Alas, the number of overweight people increases. So, it’s quite the surprise that the world’s
fattest 10-year-old lives doesn’t come out of any of the above-mentioned countries, but
from Indonesia., There, the kid whose name is Arya, weighs
a staggering 414 pounds and experiences many problems because he weighs far too much than
a 10-year-old should or any other normal human being. How has he become so fat? At first, the kid had a healthy bodyweight
and could enjoy his life like all other kids and do whatever he wanted. Yet, as he grew older, he developed a bad
habit of eating too much than he needed to get enough calories to maintain stable growth. His mother gave details about his previous
calorie-dense diet; Arya ate five times per day, and every meal consisted of two bowls
of adult-sized portions. While the mother was aware that she prepared
him far too much food, she didn’t want to change it, because Arya cried and was angry
when he ate less. Year after year, it resulted in getting lots
of body fat that more and more often didn’t allow Arya to do primitive activities like
go to school, meet with friends, go to the toilet, and do other easy tasks. Arya not only experienced difficulties when
he needed to move, his health became worse, so his family became even more worried and
asked doctors for help. The doctors recommended Arya to eat less and
choose healthy products like vegetables, fruits, red rice, and other foods that help to burn
fat. This diet gave some results as Arya nearly
lost 10 pounds of body fat. Of course, it’s little compared to how much
body fat he still needs to lose, but the first steps are often the most difficult ones. As the mother says in one video, Arya wants
to go back to school, be together with his friends, and continue learning. It’s because he’s only able to use his smartphone
and has to move around with the help of others. Doing activities isn’t fun, especially if
you’ve been overweight and inactive for the better part of your life. Gladly, Arya’s family, friends, and doctors
often come to him and help were they can in doing daily activities, encouraging him not
to give up. This makes his goals much easier to achieve
as well as making days spent at home more interesting. Respect for those who are brave enough to
challenge themselves and change their harmful habits to a healthy lifestyle.

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