World’s Largest Gummy Bear

This is one way to get your
12,600 calorie gummy bear fix. This is another. Introducing the world’s
largest gummy bear. Seriously. The world’s largest
gummy bear happens to be five pounds of your
favorite gummy bear flavor. This mammoth beast is
5 and 1/2 inches wide, 3 and 1/2 inches deep,
and 9 inches tall. According to our
math, that’s about as high as a full grown
man– from 30 feet away. Like all of the biggest
and most awesome things, the world’s largest gummy
bear is made in the USA. At, one of
these glorious gummies is waiting with your name on it. So you can either hog
every mouthwatering morsel for yourself– num-num-num–
or give someone the greatest flipping gift ever. Oh, it’s a sweater. This will be great
when it’s cold outside. Holy sh– It should be noted that a common
side effect in our test groups involved extreme
emotional attachment to this newborn-baby
sized gummy bear. Specific cases included
taking it to family dinners, sight seeing around the
city, rocking it to sleep, and teaching it
to play the piano. The world’s largest gummy
bear is 10 times more massive than the giant gummy
bear on a stick, making it the equivalent of
1400 regular gummy bears. And since that works out
to roughly 90 servings, you’ll want to wrap
it up and store it in the fridge between binges. Buy one today in your flavor
of choice at Purveyors of curiously
awesome products. (SINGING) Give
me more gummy bears!

100 thoughts on “World’s Largest Gummy Bear

  1. That should make a mask what's the buying but I may have nothing to do I can watch it again then then I could probably go to another one and then start looking what it has I love expanding its underwater submarine at the world's largest gummy bear tiny gummy bears in expand on water this weird what if somebody says Willie expert on water somebody has to say yes this isn't rollerball but catch you later that 19 hours see something good this time

  2. Hi Vat19! I placed an order a ges weeks ago, and when i got my order, i got more then i orderd, i got a worlds largest gummy bear and super scareb putty. I just wanted to make that clear.

  3. Okay… that was mean. They Said almost every single good thing was made in the USA. That is really mean to EVERY SINGLE PLACE IN THE WORLD THAT IS NOT USA (Sorry if im overreacting, but still)

  4. I want to by it too but I am in dhall still kudhahuvadhoo address is lishaan there is a blue tall thing and my house colore is orange and I want the red gummy 🐻

  5. 2009: Nah

    2010: Nah

    2011: Nah

    2012: Nah

    2013: Nah

    2014: Nah

    2015: Nah

    2016: Nah

    2017: Nah

    2018: Nah


  6. I want this but mum said no and I sad I got a one on a stick but not vat19 one and I want a kimera and a chew chew train dinner set!!!!!

  7. I think I watched this in like 2013.
    It was the first Vat19 video I've ever seen other than the giant gummy snake.


  8. Then they were like OMG A GIANT GUMMY BEAR THAT IS INSANE

    Now it’s like psshhh giant gummy bear? We got plenty of giant things

  9. Am I the only one who is a bit offended when they say, like all of the world's largest and best things, it comes from america?

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