Yamaha NMAX 155 – Best in the segment? [ENG SUB]

English subtitles are enabled. You may disable it at the settings. Many are asking What do you think about your scooter? I’m planning to get one myself. Can you recommend it? What motorcycle are you using? How many CCs? By the way, I’m not in any way an expert when it comes to motorcycles or scooters. What I’m going to share is my personal experiences and feedback based on several months of using it. To make our review as simple and easy to understand as possible, we’ll divide it into two: the pros, and cons What I like about it, and what I dislike. I won’t go much into technical details. Just Google it. Both front and rear wheels have disc brakes. It has more grip than the drum brakes. Considering its weight and size, braking power is very important. This feature is usually found on big bikes that’s why it is such a bonus when it comes to safety. This feature alone makes it worthy of its price. What is ABS? It basically prevents locking of wheels during hard brakes which usually results to sliding. The advantage is very obvious. especially on slippery roads. So you would understand better, watch this: When you pull the side stand down, the engine automatically shuts off. For forgetful people like me who sometimes leave it down, this is a good addition. This is actually one of the deciding factors why I bought this scooter. Because the position is upright, it is very comfortable especially on long rides. My gauge? Even if I ride the whole day, like 400kms, I never got a back ache. Compared to other scooters that I’ve used, where it’s only been 100 kms and I already feel body aches. This is perfect for me because I travel long distances often. How far? Only the whole Philippines. Its stock seat is also soft and comfortable. It has a low seat height of 765mm. For comparison, the Mio MXi has a seat height of 760mm. But because the seat is a bit wide, this will make you spread your legs. Having a height of 5’6, I still tiptoe a bit. NMAXis the youngest of the MAX series of Yamaha. The series include XMAX 300 and TMAX 530. I initially did’t like its design. But through time, I learned to appreciate it. Now I really like its elegant and very refined design. It is often mistaken to be a big bike due to its relatively big body. For people who aren’t familiar with it, it is a surprise that it has a 155cc displacement. Because of Yamaha’s VVA technology, it is more fuel efficient and gives it an added power. Its average fuel consumption is 35-38km/L for city driving. It goes as high as 45km/L during long rides. For its size, weight and power, it’s efficient enough. If you want something more efficient, choose a manual transmission. If you still want more efficiencey? You might as well get a bicycle. For example, during overtaking. It’s power is enough. It easily reaches a speed of 90kph. I’m sure someone will ask, “What is your top speed?” For riders who love to race on public roads and talk about top speed all the time, this is not for you. I really like its display because aside from nice-looking and the numbers are easy to see, it also provides compete information. It has two trip meters that you can reset to zero. The live one reflects in terms of number of bars, how aggressive you are on the throttle.. The fewer bars, the less efficient it is. It is louder than most of the scooters’. It’s a big deal for me because I often use it especially if there are lots of pedestrians. For me, it’s OK to use the horn regularly as long as you use it in the right time and place. You can also press it gently that it won’t be offensive to other drivers. It has a huge storage space that fits a full face helmet. It suits people like me who always have cargo. It also has a side pocket for your phone or water bottle. It can be both an advantage and disadvantage. For me, it’s more of the former because it adds stability on high speeds. Strong winds won’t easily affect you. And these are what I like about it. Wait! Before you rush in buying an NMAX, here are the things that I dislike about it. It’s common to NMAX owners to ask if it’s normal to have a strong vibration in their scooters. Compared to other scooters I have used, this has a stronger vibration. But you will eventually get used to it. It also decreases as time goes by. Just don’t ride a different scooter or you will be reminded of it. When driving on uneven roads, it’s as if you are riding a horse! It is really bouncy, so if you have the budget, upgrade to an adjustable one. Yes, it’s bigger than the usual 5L size. But I wished that since it has a bigger body, they should’ve increased it as well. One full tank gives me a distance of 200-230kms which is not bad, but could’ve been better. But I was surprised that it’s weaker than I expected. I barely see the road in total darkness. You can upgrade this in the expense of your warranty. It’s side stand easily folds. If you park it on a slightly sloping floor, it folds and crashes your scooter. This is again in comparison with other scooters I have used. And those are what I think needs improvement. Especially if you’re making this your daily commuter. Just to add: After more than 5,000 kms with it, the torque drive had a problem. It is located on the drive assembly. Basically the vibration worsen and the power declined. Good thing it’s still under warranty so Yamaha replaced it for free. So what parts have I replaced? Gold covers The rest are stock parts. For those who are wondering, this is not sponsored by Yamaha. We should be getting discounts and benefits for promoting their scooter. I hope this will serve as a guide for people who are planning to buy a scooter. Or at least you now have an idea of what I am riding every time you watch our adventures. By this year, hopefully, we’ll be able to upgrade to an expressway-legal motorcycle. I’m still waiting for commander-in-chief’s approval. “Honey, it’s time to upgrade my motorcycle, OK?”

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  1. Nice review sir..balak ko kasing kumuha ng nmax pero 5'2 lg ata height ko..haha..tip toe to the max pala pgnag nmax ako..haha

  2. super helpful. ☺️ i’m 17 female and considering to buy this. kaso 4’11 and a half lang ako. mahihirapan ba ako magdala nito? 😭 ikaw na 5’6 kuya tumitingkayad na pano pa ako huhu. tas wala akong experience sa pagmo-motor. haha pagkauwi ng daddy ko from australia this summer i’ll practice na, get a student license and hopefully buy this. ty!!

  3. Dati inuulit ulit ko lang itong pinapanood, pinapangarap ko lang. Ngayon meron na ako sariling NMAX. Thanks sa malupit mong review Sir JT!

  4. Sir matanong ko lang po san po ba pwede bumili ng cash na mmax abs. Salamat paps! Puro kase napag tanungan ko hulugan.

  5. Sir. Ok lang ba 5'11 dito? Di ba masyado maliit? Nag dadalawang isip kasi ako kung eto bang nmax or aerox kukunin ko.

  6. Kamusta naman po sa singitan? Di naman po ba mahirap? Yung manibela po ba mabigat din? Fury owner kasi ako mabigat po yung manibela

  7. I agree definitely change out the suspension it's horrible if you are in the Province, so bad that I wanted to change back the scooter as I was riding my friends NMAX but it is a strong and powerful auto-scooter I really liked it and am considering buying one just to have an automatic to use on long rides.

  8. boss ask ko lang, sabi sa manual 6.6 litter and 1.4 litter reserve, bali 8 lit po ba ang nmax? and kaylan po ba gaganda yung reserve? pagka empty na po ba yung meter or pag nag blink na?

  9. Good day po sir., ask ko lang sir ano po ba talaga recommended gasoline for NMAX sir., Pag kuha ko po kasi sa unit sir (NMAX)., Premium Gasoline po ang sinabi nila sa akin na gamitin sir ., pero sa manual po kasi sir UNLEADED po naka lagay sir., Nag tanong na rin po ako sa isa sa mga staff na nag handle sa akin during sa pag kuha ko sa unit para ma wala na ang pagkalito sa isip ko sir,,. Pero parang hindi po ako satisfied sa answer nila sir., kaya sana matulongan nyo ako sa tanong ko sir. Ano po ba talaga ang recommended gasoline sir for NMAX. Sana po masagut nyo po tanong ko sir. SALAMAT
    Christian po ng CEBU.

  10. Thanks for Making this Video! Since I watched it, it is was what convinced me to recently Buy One. As I was looking at several Options, since I finally got my PH Driver License! I am now a Proud Owner & Absolutely Love It! 🙂

    If you don't have one, then I Highly Recommend that you save up & buy one, you will Enjoy It! Trust Me! 🙂


  11. Sir, how is your experience with that aftermarket adjustable suspension compared to the stock suspension? I just bought an Nmax, and I’ve noticed that the stock suspension is stiff. I’m planning to upgrade to an adjustable suspension if it’s really worth it upgrading or if the difference in ride quality is really big.

  12. For 1st time mag momotor sir gusto ko ksi mag nmax kunin kso recommend ng officem8 ko yung mga. Maliliit na scooter muna daw kunin ko.. gusto ko nmax kunin ksi comfortable sakyan at mas safe ksi my abs sya.. gagamitin ko daily service bulacan to qc medyo malayo din byahe kaya mas gusto ko comfortable i drive nmax…

  13. Ok! Since I watched your review. I decided to buy one, coz before I'm torn between NMax and Aerox S. Now I decided to buy Nmax. Thanks to you Sir! Great job!

  14. first bike ko sana to kya lang anmahal pa sa market, kya nag sniper 150 nalng ako.
    pero next upgrade, eto tlga bbilin ko hehe

  15. Sir kung di naman ako harabas driving.. takbong chubby lang?
    Oks lang po ba ang non abs na nmax? Mas mura kasi . O mas oks talaga ang with abs?

    Plano ko po kasi kasi.. kung di naman masyado kelngan yung abs pwede na siguro non abs

    Thanks sir
    Nice review

  16. Sana mag Review k rin ng Ibng Scooter sir… Keep up the good work .. Pa shout out n rin sir.. Salamat.

  17. Hi sir! Ask ko lang po kung ano ang gamit or recommended na gas kay nmax? Kase ang gamit ko ay unleaded. Ok lang ba ang unleaded gasoline?

  18. Good morning po, question lang. Yung fuel cap kapag lalagyan ng key, mag aamuy ba ito ng gasolina normally? May amoy kasi yung key at keyhole. Nag momoist rin ang keyhole. Thank you po!

  19. Sir. nakapag drive ka na po ba ng Yamaha aerox 155 R & Yamaha aerox 155 S
    Alin po ang mas maganda sa Yamaha aerox 155 R at Yamaha Nmax 155 cc

  20. Hi, great video … Funny too 😉
    I will added the side visor on mine … I will find these on internet because it's not available in Europe

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