You’re Setting Up Your Litter Box All Wrong!

You set out to just put
out something definitive about litter boxes and sort
of Litter Box Etiquette 101. And it’s just like the
Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole just like
filled with poop instead, because you’re just
constantly digging and digging and digging. There’s more stuff. There’s more stuff. OK. Well, we’re going to continue,
because there is never a last word on litter boxes. Let’s catify the world. Come on. So the last time we were
talking about really Litter Box 101, things you may not
have known about the way your cat sees their territory
vis-a-vis their litter boxes and what you can do to help
secure their territory, make it more appropriate for
them to use a litter box, and at the end of the
day make you happy. Let’s have some general
rules on board here. Number one, that old
adage is actually right. If you have two cats, you want
two boxes, plus one, three boxes. Three cats, four boxes. One cat, two boxes. That makes sure that the
cats can territorially identify the entire home,
so put those boxes out. That leads me to the next thing. Put them out. I don’t want to see
you saying to me, I have three litter boxes,
Jackson, just like you said. And all three of
those boxes are side by side in a corner
in the garage. You have to put
them in places that are– don’t kill me–
socially important places. How many people have said
this, cats want privacy? Hmm. So you’re saying
that your cat wants to go into a cabinet that’s
disguised as a litter box. That’s ridiculous. If your cat had it
her way, she would be outside pooping and
peeing in a bush right outside your door to
mark that territory. She doesn’t need privacy. You do. You don’t want to be taking
a look at your cat pee and pooping around the house. And what happens then, you’ll
put them in the mud room. You’ll put them behind
the washing machine. You’ll put them under
the car in the garage. You’ll put them where you
don’t have to look at them. And folks, I am telling you,
if you want to solve litter box problems in your home,
make the opposite choice that your aesthetic it
is telling you to make. If cat is insecure and marking
certain areas because they don’t feel secure about that
area, putting a litter box there is really important,
because at the very least you can praise them for
doing something right, as opposed to damning them
for doing something wrong. And the next thing is, I put
a little box in the dining room or the living
room or my bedroom, just like you asked me to do. I resent the hell out of it. But I did it. What’s the next thing you do? You plug in air fresheners
around the thing. You deodorize the hell
out of that litter box. That drives cats away. So no plug-in deodorizers,
no sprinkle-on deodorizers. I don’t really believe
in scented litter at all. If you consistently scoop your
cat’s stuff out of the litter box, you’re not going to have
to worry about that smell. Now I want to bring
up one more thing about preventing
litter box problems. Catification is a big thing. What is catification? We’ve talked about
this one before. It is environmental
enrichment for cats, but also environmental
enrichment that doesn’t preclude
your aesthetic sense. Yes, you can have things
that work for your cats and work for you the same time. So let’s take for
instance, the litter box that everybody seems to have. It’s a litter box where
you’ve got a big hood on it. And then what you do is you
take the opening to the hood and you face it to the wall,
because for some reason humans do not like
looking at litter. Wherever they go in, they got
to know they can get out again. There has got to
be an escape route. So if they are in that litter
box with that hole facing the wall and another
cat or a dog or a child comes up behind
them, they’re surely not going to go
back to a box where they get ambushed and cornered. So when you’re looking
at litter boxes and how you place
them around the house, you’ve got to make sure
your cats have exit routes everywhere. A lot of cats have almost a
post-traumatic stress reaction to the litter box
where either they were ambushed by another cat or
it used to hurt to pee there. And what you’re
going to need to do is start collecting litter
boxes that look and feel and nothing like the
litter box that you’ve been using, just because we
can build a new association. Does that mean get
rid of the old one? No. It means add another one. If you have a big,
square, deep box, you go for something very
shallow, something round, a different type of
litter altogether. And you put it
around the house, let them choose where I want to go,
what kind of litter I prefer, what’s the depth I like. And then you can slowly start
replacing the boxes that were offensive to your
cat to begin with. There’s so much
more to talk about. But here’s the exciting part. I don’t think there’s any way
we can encapsulate this all and me just talking to
a camera and talking to you through my camera. I think it’s time to
bring you into it. So the next time we
have a Google Hangout, which is coming up
really soon, we’re going to take the questions
that most are asking. And I know I’m
missing something. And you’re going to fill
me in on what I’m missing. So down in the
comments section below, start writing your
questions for me. I want them to be in general. I don’t want to hear, I
have cat who dot, dot, dot, because the question is
going to be this long. And I’ve got to tell you,
folks, it’s not going to read. I want to have questions
that everybody can relate to. And I will try to
answer them all. And then, if you actually
watch the description below, it’ll give you
instructions on how to get involved with the
Hangout, how you and me can go a little mano a mano live
in front of everybody through the magic of
Google and hanging out. You can find me on Twitter
and Facebook and YouTube. Obviously, you found me there. My website, You can find me just about
in any of the social media nooks and crannies and find out
when that Hangout is happening, and also when we’ve got
new “My Cat From Hell,” which, by the way,
August 23rd, new episodes of “My Cat From
Hell,” season five. Until the next
time we talk, just keep your head in the litter
box and keep your hands out of the litter box. Think inside the box. Think outside the box. Just get more boxes. How about that? All light. All love. All mojo to you. I’ll talk to you soon. Love you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

97 thoughts on “You’re Setting Up Your Litter Box All Wrong!

  1. 4 cats they each have a tray what I've found in they will poop in the two in the living room and then pee in the ones in dining room!🤔 and one will not use the litter box to pee at all she has to pee on inco pads! Fussy cats! Love em to bits mun!

  2. I have 2 cats 2 litter box beside each other. In their own bathroom. The other cat is naughty, if i changed the brand of their litter, he would throw it away and scattered it on the floor 🤣

  3. I just adopted a cat less than a month ago, and at the foster's house he was using tofu flushable litter and an enclosed box, no problem. he always meows whenever I leave him to go take a shower…last night, for the first time, I left my shower to find the gift of a big pile of poop on my bed…is this a separation anxiety issue? i ordered another litter box today, just in case. I live in Korea, and so I can't just run out and easily buy things here.

  4. Our Thor covers every bit of his poop so you don’t even know it’s there. His aptly named brother, Loki, scratches the walls of the litter box, the walls of our house, the vacumn cleaner next to the box, the floor on his way out and leaves his always stinky poops totally untouched. But his cuteness lets him get away with all his mischief. Thor also comes when the reminder alarm goes off for his 2x a day pills. He is the smartest handsomest guy. Both long haired white & grey Norwegian Forest kitties:)💖💖

  5. my cat only had one litter box that was really big with deep litter, that's how she likes it. this summer the heat was getting to her more than normal and she started lying in her litter box to cool down, even on top of her poop and pee (yes, i took her to the vet to make sure she wasn't sick.) so i made her a second litter box that is smaller with a different type of litter, and put it under the bed which was one of the coolest spots. she took to it easily and used it as her lying in to cool down litter box and the other one as her toilet. she's so smart!

  6. Cats use the same litter boxes other cats use in the same household anyhow so anyone who thinks having multiple ones because they think each individual cat will use their own, it doesn’t happen often

  7. Have had multiple cats for 50+ years with 2 boxes and have never had any issues. They are hidden out of the way too.

  8. I’m all about that 1 extra litterbox. Got only one (and 1 cat); it’s under the stairs, behind a fence where the cat can get through 2 poles, but keeps my dogs out. A catdoor wouldn’t work: my dog destroys them. The cat uses it well. We scoop it out every day.

  9. Overkill, wow, I've always had multiple cats, they refuse to use separate boxes, I have a huge tote with a slot cut in the end and put another tote inside it that holds…guess what!!? Not clay litter, it's toxic to cats, I use pine wood pellets, smells wonderful and poop and pee do not smell in it…and it's SAFE…

  10. It's weird but my cat absolutely will not use the litter box if anyone is in the room. Idk if she was conditioned this way somehow because she was a rescue and 8 years old when I got her. But I have to put it in a spare room because she plain refuses to use it in front of us and will walk out if we enter the room.

  11. We dont have litter problems, thank goodness but I have a GIANT hooded litter box because my kids will play in an open one.. 😂😩

  12. Before I saw this a couple of days ago my cat peed in my laundry basket. Well I thought, why? 1. Litter box is top entry (looks a lot like a laundry basket) 2. Litter box is dirty (I asked my bf to clean it when I was busy, didn’t happen) 3. There is only one (we moved recently and haven’t added more since we left them behind) How did I fix this? 1. Took all the laundry out and dowsed it in vinegar. 2. Remove the laundry basket. 3. Put a temporary litter box in that spot she peed in.
    4. Added one more next to the couch!

    All you gotta do is ask why and fix those wrongs!

  13. I plan on adopting a cat, I’m bing watching your videos. It’s helpful ! I don’t want to be one of the stupid owner from my cat from hell lol.

  14. Cat liners are a bad idea right? I even tried heavy duty trash bags and he tears through no matter how much litter I put in it and pee goes to the bottom. Help?

  15. Um sorry my apartment is too small, no room in my bathroom only space was my kitchen and I'm not doing that. Her litter box is in the closet and she meows when she wants to go 🤷🏾‍♀️

  16. I don't have any questions. Just wanted the YouTube world to know I just got my first 2 kittens (15 weeks) and I'm 40. (I did live with 3 for the last 5 years but they were my brother's girlfriend's not mine). They are the best and love to snuggle and be petted. I do need the "plus 1" litter box as I only have 2 but haven't had any issues with them not going in the litter boxes. They are both females (sisters) a tiger striped one and a tuxedo one named Star and Cookie. They are so darn precious! ❤️ 🐈

  17. I want to own a cat but my perents says the litter box is a risk of spreading bacteria and other not healthy things is that true?

  18. What are your thoughts on using baking soda inside the litter box? I’ve heard conflicting advice that baking soda is bad for cats (so have stopped using).

  19. Ive had my cat for three years and only just started peeing out side the litter box vet said no uti what could have caused her to suddenly start peeing out side her box

  20. Hey, I have a small question if someone can help… So I don't really think I can move my cat's litter box (still live with my parents and they wouldn't be thrilled about that)… But my cat always at least attempts to use her litter box when she poops (other than pooping outside. Yes, she's an indoor-outdoor cat and I also wish I could change that). But sometimes, there will be poop found right next to the box. Not near, but almost like she just… Hung out her butt too much. Any ideas that may help? Because when it doesn't go in the box, it's more annoying to clean and stinks up the whole garage. Could it be because she's declawed? Even though those issues are usually temporary for sensitivity… (And yet another issue I wish I could reverse, though I believe my parents wouldn't have done it if they knew how bad it really was)

  21. What’s better for cats and people as far as ease of use/odor control etc…
    -clumping litter
    -non-clumping litter
    or wood pellets?

  22. If you get a dog, you wouldn't have to worry about where and how to place the litter box because your house is the litter box. 🙂

  23. I have a free roaming rabbit so the liter box is REALLY different from a cats liter box.

    so why the heck was this recommended to me

  24. My 2 adult cats are pros in using the litter box, but the new kitten I got use it but does not cover her poop, worse, she started intermittently using it and poop/pee elsewhere. She has her own litter box separated from the other 2 adult cats. What am I doing wrong?

  25. I have three kitties and all three use one very big litter box in our bathroom which door is always always always open
    And I scoop out their dirty business every second day , but I think it works because they all love each other very much no territorial problems

  26. I’d like to change from clay litter to pine. What is your opinion on how to best do that? Is it healthier for my cats?

  27. I have a 10 year old cat who is indoors and poo in his tray but wee outside we rescued him from the rspca and his previous owners had 8 cats to 2 litter trays and Noir was bullied so now has a habit of weeing on the floor he does go in his tray sometimes goes inside but not all the time we have tried different litter but he only seems to like wood pellets he is indoors and sleeps most of the time he loves being brushed and lets me check his fur and clean his eyes and ears when they are hurting and just do a general check he only likes female vets he doesn’t like males and doesn’t like loud noises I don’t know how I can get him to use his tray for both wee and poo and how to get him to be a bit more active as he doesn’t do much now we live in a flat so he can’t go outside as we don’t know if he was a carrier or a receiver to cat flu he doesn’t show any signs of it we have had him since he was 11 months old if there’s anyway you can help I would really appreciate it

  28. Hi there 🙂 I have 4years old male cat who recently start doing his pee and poo on our carpet of front of his little tray 🙄🙄 I haven’t changed anything. He has got the double size of his litttray as he is big cat and changing his stones twice a week ( when he does a poo we taking that away straight away ) Please help 🙂

  29. All of this is true. Our Burmese now 8 has never not used her litter box, she is so clean. But when she was a kitten I blamed her for pooping out of her litter box, omg it was not her! It was our border collie who would go into the laundry and eat her poop 🤢 yes I know disgusting. But finding this out we blocked our dog's entry into our cat's litter and eating area, no poop on the floor. Our beautiful girl border collie is now in "The arm's of the doggy Angel's" our kitten now 8 is the cleanest cat. She has never been washed and yet smells like baby powder. So if you have a dog please block access from your cat's litter box, dog's will eat kitty Crystal's and their poop which is not only DISGUSTING but also dangerous to your dog. 🐈🐶🇦🇺

  30. I have a studio apartment and I would like to find a way to keep my cats litter box out of sight. Not hiding in a closet. I thought about getting a microwave stand or a ottoman to try and get her to use those as a littler box. I don't know what to do. I need help

  31. Jackson, I bought a small toy cat that sounds like a kitten. Now my middle fur baby Oakley won't come back into the room or play with his brother and sister. What can I do?
    Oakley will be 2 in November. Thank you so very much! Alycia "Aly"

  32. I have two boxes I didn’t know I should have a third but I do have one now how much litter do I need? My cats lately who never drink a lot of water are drinking so much water and they are going through a lot of litter – nonstop and what’s up with that!

  33. This is a good video for people having cat litter box problems but this particular litter box advice doesn't work for everyone. I've had cats all my life. Currently we have 3 and all 3 cats use 1 litter box that is located in our living room closet, we keep the door partially open for them to go in and out. Never once had a problem with any of them not using it or with any of my other cats in the past. We clean the box everyday, sometimes twice a day. In the future if we get another cat we will add another box and locate it in a different area but 1 box per cat is excessive imo.

  34. Thank you for this, I was wondering on getting another litter box I have 2 persian baby boys and now I can see I need another one for my babies.

  35. I am sorry I disagree with you Jackson. I have one open air litter box and two that are in furniture litter box. My two girls only use the litter boxes in the furniture. I don't think its about privacy, its security. I believe they like that their backs and sides are protected. They stick their head out the hole as they do their business. (I put the litter right against the entrance). The open air one again is always untouched which is in the cat room (Yes I have a cat room, don't judge. I also have a catio below my screened in back porch. It was unused space so I screened it in and cut out a cat door in the floor. They love their spaces). My girls never poo or pee outside outside of the litter boxes ever since the implementation of the furniture litter boxes. One of my girls is a rescue and has issues due to the circumstances that she was found in.

  36. I did a little experiment with interesting results: for the first time in 3 years, I found cat poo outside the litter box, twice within the same week (I have 3 cats and 2 litter boxes one next to eachother in the basement bathroom, which I cleaned twice a day). Watched this video and, wanting to rule out behavioral issues before bringing them to the vet for urinary health check-up, I bought a third box and put one box on every floor of the house (left one in the usual spot in the basement, placed one in the living room, one in the guest bedroom where the cats hang out a lot too). For 3 days, the basement box hasn't been used at all! I'm not saying the basement was the culprit but clearly, when given options, it's not their preference. I noticed an increase in feral cats around the house, which could definitely be contributing to their stress. But if after one month, there are no episodes of inappropriate elimination, at least I'll feel better that it may not be a physical issue. We're moving to a new house in a few months (which will remove the feral cat issue) but I think I'll follow Jackson's advice and leave one box on each floor so I'll need a 4th box, which would be best for 3 cats anyway. Thanks for the advice, Jackson!

  37. i sometimes think that Jackson is hired or forced by cats to make these kind of videos so that cats would be understood by hoomans

  38. Litter boxes working extremely well! 2 kitties, 3 boxes. Only question is why would my 11 year old doesn’t cover poop, but does her pee? My 20 year old stopped covering up long before we adopted the 11 year old..chalked it up to old age…but am not following the 11 yr old unless it is a territory move by her…

  39. Why does my cat squat to pee in one box but stands in the other one? Does he not like his box, litter or both?

  40. I'm sorry but this is just stupid. You don't just put the litterbox in a main hallway or in living room area.

    Spare bedroom , bathroom , basement etc.b

  41. Moved and got a new kitten within 3 days. My cat who is 6 decided to start peeing in the new dinning room and then again in the basement. I have 2 litter boxes in the basement. He has never peed outside the box before. He has peeded in multiple areas along the wall of the dinning room even with me watching. I am not putting a litter box in my dinning room. Please help.

  42. ….Eh, always had one box, my cat is fine. She's not even bothered by the scented beads…(though I'm not gonna use them anymore after this litter is gone…it's terrible. lol)

  43. How do you retrain a cat to the litter box after she was diagnosed with diabetes? She's the only female–2 other boys, so she can't have her own box(es).

  44. I always find it amusing to see our cat come flying down the stairs in the most out of control fashion, disappears to the room where his litter box is, and a few moments later, he casually walks out like he’s cooler and more sophisticated than James Bond; until he spots a toy and then immediately launches back into silly mode, throwing himself all over the place like a tumbleweed on ice.

  45. I can cut my cats front paws but the back paws are so difficult! How can I get them cut without causing stress on both our parts!

  46. I have 4 cats in my apartment,the last two wasn't taken in out of choice(one abandoned newborn on the park and one because she had an bike-motorcycle accident and she's almost completely paralyzed from waist down),and their litter box is next to their food place.When they poop and I go to "clean" it from the poop,they come(especially the neutered male) and starts eating like he HAS to because I took from the litter box the poop.The only explanation I have is that he(they) want to eat the food before it takes the poop smell.

  47. Never once did have an issue with kitties and going out to pottie. Not even the neighbor kitties goes potty inside the house.
    Just let your babies outside to potties where it's natural for them to go.

  48. What can I do to get my cat to cover up her number 2? She doesn't dig cat litter over it and you be honest, she has a SMELL. Please help me, am I the only one with this problem? Thank you!

  49. Your view of bedding pellets as litter. Am trying it, one cat using it the other….well he is still using the clay litter. 🙂

  50. My cat uses her litter box and I clean it daily. Occasionally her butt hangs out of the box and she pees outside the box even when its clean. I have pads around the box to catch the urine but what can I do so she actually makes it inside the box?

  51. I have 4 cats, 5 boxes spread throughout but they most often use the one that is the most private. in the corner of the living room next to a couch. I think there might be something to the privacy thing.

  52. i guess people with little money don’t get to have pets these days. i can’t afford to get three different litter boxes. i get the best i can at the lowest cost. i live in an apartment. there is no room in the bathroom and not much room in other places. my litter boxes
    are in the hall near the kitchen. i have a a still folded cardboard box as a wall. there is only a one exit, so i will change that. thank you for all your advice. i have been able to use much that you talk about. non monetarily middle class people deserve to be able to have pet friends, too. and i’m a good mum. :} 😺🐾

  53. Wow this is so bizarre. I truly love cats, always have, just despise cleaning out a nasty litter box. Was raised and lived since with indoor/outdoor cats. Never had a cat pooping in the house. If I have to have a nasty litter box and scoop poop – yes it is nasty – then I won't have a cat. They really do need to be able to enjoy the outdoors, and I feel so sorry for indoor only kitties. Especially declawed ones, which should be outlawed.

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