Hello and welcome to a brandnew video! As you can see, we have the perfect football weather today and therefore it is time to set up a new YouTube record. Jan who was supposed to sit there alreay but is too late as always, oh there he comes, will join me. We will try to beat the YouTube crossbar record which has been set by Martin from Football4Broz. As you can see here: He has managed to score the crossbar out of 60 meters and we will try to score out of 61, 62, 65 meters depending on our performance today. If we were able to beat this record you can see here now. Have fun with the video! So before we start, we first of all have to measure the football pitch So we need 60 meters? – Yes exactly. Well, that’s a pretty long distance… But we should be able to do it. Do you actually still see the goal? Down there you can see the crossbar. Martin made a good job to score from here. The problem is that we even have to score from a longer distance than these 60 meters. Should i get another ball for that? – Yes, then we can place it at 65 meters. It’s already a big challenge to come close to the goal in general from this distance. Come on, let’s do 65 meters. I think we also need Tim and Michi to get this done – No way, we will do that! Hold on tight Martin! – We are here to destroy your record! If not, we have to train until it works. Let’s first of all start from 11 meters. And that in just one take without any cut for sure! Starts out well, first try! First i have to take out my jacket, which you can of course find at the freekickerz shop! Okay so let’s go to 16 meters. I’ll begin again, i would say. It was so close. Come on, Konzi. Can you do it within 3 attempts? Can’t be always the first try. Then the second one this time. Now it slowely get’s more difficult for sure. This time it is a distance of 30 meters. I’m just going to do the Cristiano! Better try not to do it like Cristiano, when you are a goalkepper I’m just going to try to chip the ball again as before. If shots over the rail would count, it would have been a good one. Maybe a no look again? – Yes, i think so. Wow, that was close again. How can he almost score again without looking? I just can’t unterstand that! But now i have the feeling, that it could happen. There it is! Once again with my third try. How can Martin say that he needed an eternity? It’s so easy for us. I’m not sure if the ball has somehow touched the crossbar. No, unfortunately not. It all because of the power shoes, you see? You are shooting too strong, Konzi. There it is! Very good! I’m in a flow right now. Only three more positions to go until we can beat the YouTube record with 65 meters. So Konzi starts out from 50 meters. It was so close! I would say that these 50 meters are not a too big challenge. Whereas 65 meters is once again something completely differrent. You can easily underestimate it. But Jan as keeper should have a slight advantage here as it is pretty similar to normal goalkeeper kicks. That can’t be possible… It was so close again. Come on, concentrate again now. I thought it’s going wide first. The ball came back almost. For 45 meters it was really good. So now it’s my turn to demonstrate my skills. If you see the crossbar out of this range, it’s just as small as a matchstick. But would it be easy, we would be on the channel Football4Broz Just a joke, Martin! You directly want 65 meters as your next level? Yeah because 60 meter is something for channels with less than 100k subscribers. So come on, Konzi, show us something! The distance is really incredibly long. It’s in the middle of the other penalty area and the center circle, it’s really insane. I don’t even come close… We have already tried it now for quite a while, but now we have put the ball one meter forward as it still would be further away than Martins shot. Respect to Martin for 60 meters, that is really hard and was a great shot. Now we even got some spectators who want to see us perform. This one was the closest of all, i think. That can’t be true, it was even to high! That’s incredible… We unfortunately have to pack in other things right now. – And it hurts that we didn’t do it. We had to stop now, because here will be a match soon. And you also have to admit that our power is gone right now. Jan also has a match in a few hours. I think i am already injured either way. As we said until 45 meters it worked out really well for us. But then the distance of 60, 65 meters was just too hard. Yeah, it’s almost impossible i think. From 65 meters we haven’t even came close to the crossbar once. Whereas from 62, 63 meters it worked out a little bit better. Jan’s last five shots were the best ones and really close. It was just unlucky there. But nevertheless a big compliment to Martin as he has accomplished it. We won’t give up! And try it with our crossbar kings in a second part, where we have to get this record then. Thanks a lot for watching, see you next time and goodbye! Normally the video would have been over already. But we wouldn’t be the freekickerz, if we wouldn’t have something up our sleeve: And that is Felix! What’s up? I’m eating at the moment as you can see Ok. I’ll put out the camera, while you finish eating and then you will set up the new YouTube record! 60 meters? – Or maybe 65? – 65? No problem! You’ve heard it, i’ll put up all the cameras and then we will start over again. I hope he can keep his promise. 65 meters is really difficult. I was not able to do it as you know. It’s over! You can bag your things again. Was it really the first try?! It’s incredible. I don’t know what to say… I am also a little sorry for Martin right now. Yeah, he had to shoot until all GoPros ran out of battery. And i just wanted to warm up… Well then, see you next time… We are going to measure here again how many meters it were. So now it’s Martins turn again. Or you can also challenge us! Just tag us on Instagram. What was the longest distance you were able to hit the crossbar? Everything that is more than 60 meters is just insane! I still can not believe that it really happened. It was just the perfect shot! Come one, let’s go home.

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