39 thoughts on “Yury Belkin – The Titan

  1. I really like almost all of your motivations, i mean they were perfectly maded and they were really motivational and the music was rocking… But now… I'm sorry to say it, but this motivation sucks. Nothing more special like your other motivations. Belkin is a machine, but the motivation of him… 😀

  2. It's funny in that picture where he's standing between Kevin Oak and Dan Green, he looks tiny compared to both of them, but he is in the same weight class actually and beat both at that meet… O.o

  3. i remember the first time i saw a video with yury, i think it was belkin, dan green and kevin oak and i saw all 3 of them and immediately thougjt what is that guy doing there. he is going to get annihilated. i was wrong. he is crazy strong!

  4. I mean look at his technique. He squats exactly the same as he deadlifts, he uses the same muscles. Hes not only strong but clearly also strategic. Everything is 100 percent right.

  5. Феномин 21 века, мы гордимся тобой Юра, дай бог тебе здоровья и новых рекордов.

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