Zoom Stryder Review – Fast 30 Km/h Electric Scooter

So this right here is the zoom Stryder
and it is the fastest most powerful scooter that I have looked at yet on the
channel this one here is capable of 30 km/h top speed
it has a very torquey 500 watt motor that is capable of handling 25 degree
climbs and has a range of up to 30 kilometers but it weighs just 10.9 kilos
so it is lighter than other models I have looked at so in this review here
I’m going to go over the build design the quality of it then take it out for
my tests so row tests that will involve how it is to ride over bumps the kind of
handling are we going to get out of this the acceleration and then my range test
that will involve to seeing how far I can go on a single charge right here and
then finally at the end my overall opinion of these Strider right here so
in the Box you get a Quick Start Guide the charger which is 37.4 volts 3.5 amps
output charging cable depending on your country and then some stickers they make
sure you read that quick guy because I did notice that there’s this in here
which is very interesting and that is to take it out of the eco mode which is by
default and put it into the turbo mode for you speedsters out there that want
maximum performance so when the stride has folded down as you can see right
here it’s only 95 centimeters long and just 15 centimeters wide the reason of
course its own arrows because the handlebars do collapse and they’re very
easy to just pull out into their locked position so they lock in place there and
then that feels really solid the ties that are on the scooter they are hard
solid rubber tires which is a good move so you’re not going to have to worry
about getting a flat tire or a puncher the plastic make out on the rear has
three LED lights in it so when you brake that will show up brighter but not just
from the front electronic brake lever but also pressing down on the manual
brake air they will come on too which is a nice little touch and like the Segway
is one that I looked at the handlebars they clip and lock into the mudguard
like so so you just press down here that locks in place and then you’re actually
able to lift up the whole scooter so it acts
a handle you can also get this optional kickstand you have to buy it off their
website and what is included to also is this right here which is a harness so
you can sling the scooter over your shoulder you just need to strap it
around the handlebars and the rear mudguard
the base of the scooter where the batteries are housed is all made out of
metal very strong feeling and the build quality is excellent of the scooter and
you can see now here too that we do have a shock on the rear which is really
something and I do believe that this is needed considering the fact that we’ve
got those hard solid rubber tires and down the footwell here we have some fine
grip tape the hinge here is made out of solid metal and there’s also a metal
locking pin here to lock it safely in place and again the build quality is
excellent this is really well-made the front wheels where you’ll find that 500
watt motor and you’ll also notice that the front fork does have a shock above
it to absorb impacts and a plastic mud guard so folding up the scooter is very
easy you just need to own a clip the mud guard here on the rear and then just
push up the handlebars and you’ll hear the locking pin click into place now
that displays back ‘lets you’ll be able to see this at nighttime it gives us our
battery percent the temperature your speed of course and then right now I’m
in the trip meter and in the odometer you can see that it’s done at 0.6
kilometers that’ll just be from the factory then testing it the LED
headlight we have on here has six LEDs in there it’s recently bright it
projects the head onto the road which is good and you’ll see that the handlebars
are adjustable there’s a quick-release mechanism here to set positions that’s
the first one right there and then the second one so the charge port is located
behind this weatherproof dustproof flap here and the charge time is two hours
which is really quite good considering that Miami scooter takes about three and
a half hours to charge this one here is quite a bit quicker okay so here reset the trip meter we’ll
keep an eye on that what kind of range I can get out of this so I’m in the Eco
mode which is by default and you can also see that display is very clear and
I have 100% battery and a nice 24 degrees here at the moment so let’s just
the acceleration okay this is gradual in the Eco mode that’s to save battery and
we’ll see the top speed is about the same as well now when you are in this
Eco mode you can’t actually use the cruise control so there we go 30 km/h
maximum speed and it feels really stable because at low center of gravity
handling seems good so far now to test out what’s called the turbo mode so
maximum torque and acceleration full power so you to do this you have to hold
down the brake power it on and then on the accelerator okay now we’ll see the
difference it seems a little bit faster quite a bit
faster actually there without acceleration and I now have cruise
control so I can keep going straight ahead full throttle without holding my
finger down on the accelerator so this is maximum braking now using the rear
brake as well and that’s actually pretty good take a look and see how well it
handles this little claim here now I’m gonna kick off a couple of times now
this is in the Eco mode but actually it’s accelerating going up this which is
really good if right wheel is slipping a little bit
little bit of sand there so I can feel that suspension working
it’s absorbing some of these shocks it’s definitely a lot smoother than the
Segway which only had a shock on the front ground the tiles they’re all damp
and wet as you can see wanna see how this performs on it now the next drive
that I reviewed were the little tiny wheels the slipping around all over the
place on these this seems better their will is slipping a little bit
it’s a very slippery surface but it does handle this actually a lot better than
that next drive so I’ve made it here to the end of last rodas and I’ve got 60%
battery left I’ve done 6.3 kilometers so it’s looking at my range is gonna be
about 12 kilometers or so but we’ll see when I get back because these battery
meters can be a little bit unreliable even when you’re accelerating it drops
right down to 20% so I’ve quite a climb here I’ve put it
into power mode we’ll see how it handles this particular climb will kick off and
it’s doing this really well actually look at this
now the scooters have struggled with this kind of climb but this one is
handling it just fine so rough ground to hit very bumpy let’s
see how its gonna cope with this a suspension doing a really good job
actually really well so I managed to get sixteen point three kilometers out of it
that’s the range with eighty-one kilos which is my weight here now if you wait
later you’ll be able to get a lot more than this and of course they’re testing
the thirty kilometers that they got was under perfect conditions and that was
someone that I think that weighed 60 or 65 kilos so I pushed it even further to
find out the actual real capacity here with my weight at 81 kilos so 18.6 km/h
me cuz a fully charged either one hand percent that’s the total mileage that
I’ve done since I’ve had this on one single charge so that’s actually not too
bad considering I did go up some hills I did a lot of accelerating a lot of
braking and some rough roads as well once I finish riding it’s really easy to
collapse the handlebar so you just place your foot here on that red tab at the
bottom and then push forward on the handlebars at the same time and you can
push the handlebars down now and I quickly compared the Strider here with
my Xiaomi scooter well we have a look at both of them here
you can see that the Xiaomi has the slightly larger wheel so they’re ten
inch ones we have eight inch wheels but they’re hard rubber so you’re not gonna
get any flats on my show me I’ve actually swapped over these tires that
originally had inner tubes and then when air over to solid rubber so I don’t get
any flats now ride quality I would say that the riders actually better on the
Strider because it has the suspension both front and back but I woulds have to
say that the braking on the show-me is better because we have that red disc
brake that just works a lot better and you only really use that on the Strider
for emergency stopping power really and when you do use their combination of the
rear and the front brake then it does break quite well now it did have these
rubber grips on the show me that lady came off so I had to replace them and
also with this Strider model you do get your readout of your battery life and
your speed and the odometer the distance the trip meter is quite
handy something you don’t have on the show me but then on the other hand the
show me here has a bluetooth application where you can monitor and track that and
this model doesn’t have bluetooth at all looking at both of the scooters in there
collapsed form here so you can see the show me is a lot taller because of its
design when those handlebars the zoom is definitely a lot smaller can fit into
smaller places and then those handlebars as well you can push them down like this
so you can store it into even narrower gaps there and whereas the Xiaomi takes
up a little bit more room the show me my scooter weighs 12.5 kilos and the zoom
Strider is 10.9 so it’s also lighter the adjustable handlebars is another
advantage that the zoom Strider has here because you can lower it down there for
shorter people or smaller younger for example 12 year olds or 13 year olds
or something like that where the Xiaomi’s has a fixed height
so overall between these two models here I think I like the zoom Strider better
because it’s five kilometers faster the motor has a lot more torque and grunt to
it so you can get up hills and slopes a lot quicker than the show-me which tends
to slow down they can only tackle 15 degrees whereas this one can tackle up
to 25 and then the pricing of course well that’s something to take into
consideration because the zoom Strider sells for around five hundred and fifty
nine euros whereas the show-me is selling for about three hundred and
fifty euros so overall this is an excellent scooter I really do like it I
love the fact that it charges in only two hours they’ve got a thirty kilometer
max speed it can handle hills and slopes so much better than my other models
because of the 500 watt motor it’s just a little bit more powerful the build
quality overall is really decent the latch mechanism that it has very strong
nothing’s rattling we’ve got the adjustable handlebars so we’ve got the
speed read out your battery readout automatic LED lights on there it’s
overall a very good scooter and it weighs just 10.9 kilos so it’s a couple
of kilos lighter than say my xiaomi hard rubber tyres is another good move the
shocks on it work really well they absorb all the bumps and impacts and the
rear one you do notice it the braking performance is not quite as good as the
Segway or the Xiaomi at least when you just use the front
brake when you use the manual brake as well at the rear automatically triggers
the front brake and then braking performance is really quite good so the
range in my test I managed to get 16 kilometers now that was full-on
acceleration in the whole time rough roads at times and I was also going up a
few few hills and things so I feel if you don’t wait 81 kilos like I do and
you’re a little bit shorter and you’re weightless then you should be able to
get I feel 20 kilometers now that’s still fall short of that 30 kilometer
claim of course that’s under perfect test conditions someone a lot lighter no
winds completely flat surface and roads and that’s how they claim it can do up
to 30 kilometers so the range is definitely going to vary from writer to
writer here but overall very decent package here really enjoying the scooter
thank you so much for watching this review here and I do hope to see you
back in the channel soon with more upcoming electrics good reviews bye for

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  1. Zoom Stryder Review. 30km/h max E-scooter with up to 30km range that weighs 10.9 kilos. Where to buy: http://www.bit.ly/strydert


    00:54 – What's in the box
    01:19 – Design overview
    04:16 – Road tests
    08:53 – Stryder Vs M365 Comparison
    11:17 – Final words
    13:05 – Pros & Cons

  2. Nice product but you can only purchase it from the zoom company and they are in Singapore. They don’t respond to emails and the number they have on website seems not to work. Very risky to buy.

  3. I see some comments that they are not getting response to emaisl. I pre-orders at the end of July, 2018 from U.S.A, emailed them recently for shipping status and got an email back saying I should be getting the shipping tracking number soon. I will post an update when I get it. I honestly think it's the best scooter for the money. I ordered a lock with the scooter and I already got the lock delivered to me by Fed-X Ground so I do want to hold a faith that the scooter will come also.

  4. the only thing impressive about this scooter is its weight…..10kg is the lightest iv ever seen for a scooter that goes 30kmh and 30km range(without stating battery cap)…..price is absolutely ridiculous…..a scooter like this wouldnt go for more than $550 sgd in my country….its retailing at $890 sgd…..99 percent of escooters are made in china…..97 percent of them are just clones of each other with different paintjobs,slightly different alterations,modifications and different brandnames slapped on it but the frames more or less is the same…..this front wheel motor hub with pneumatic back tyre design is pretty common….but this one has a solid tyre which is good because pneumatic tyres encounter flats very easily….

    escooters are very cheap nowadays,for SGD $450 range(330 USD) u can easily get one with 500 watt motor,36v 15ah battery,40 to 60km range,50km/h top speed(only things that matter in escooters are engine power,battery capacity(range) and top speed,everything else is trivial)…..which i suspect are better specs than what this scooter can do….with the only drawback being a slightly heavier weight of 16kg…..for $800 to SGD $900 range i would expect a powerhouse of at least 48v 21 ah battery 1000w motor possibly even dual hub motors 60 to 70km top speed and 70 to 80km range…..

  5. Hey Guys! I've just uploaded a review of the new Zoom Stryder EX if you wanna check it out! Deffo somethings worth considering BEFORE buying!

  6. I bought a Zoom Stryder mostly based on this review. What a disaster! The scooter I received last March has a defective motor. I have had no luck getting through to the company. No one answers the phone, texts, Facebook, emails, etc. Has anyone had any better luck? I'm wondering if the company is going out of business? Absolutely ZERO customer support or service! — R Carlson MD

  7. please someone i just bought a type R guy thats whats legal in canada but i just bought it… honestly, dont be a mean, please. its not cheap to me you know, but do you think i should do this and if i do will i be able to reattach what would be the white piece on your video? to put it back down to 37km?

  8. Just Purchased one with the trolley bag. Exited to try it out, the wait is the worst part of all! They said 7 to 10 days so we will see.

  9. User: in order for power mode. Hold down the brake, power on, hold accerlator, fold it down, fold it back up, shake a bit and finally kick the back wheel.

    Buyer: Bruh…


  10. This scooter looks like it's very torquey and its ability to climb hills is a definite plus. So many of these e scooters struggle climbing hils. I may eventually purchase one of these. based on the specs, the 700 price tag looks more than fair. I like the fact the motor is on the front wheel. I had an electric bike with the motor on the front wheel, and the torque was excellent.

    You ended up getting about 12 miles in range, and you went up hills, which would definitely use more battery power. However, when you go down hill it helps battery power.

  11. 18 mph PFFFFT I found a 30 mph scooter in a Mexican store 0.4 miles away from my house only costs 300$ but 18 mph MEH not the fastest maybe 123$ pretty decent.
    zoom range:30km.
    Mexican scooter range:25.5 km.
    zoom speed: 18mph.
    Mexican scooter: 30mph.
    zoom weight:10.9.
    Mexican scooter:15.3killos.

    Mexican scooter is better than zoom at: speed,weight.
    zoom scooter is better than Mexican scooter at: range.

  12. I have a normal scooter. I went to the highest spot in Badhof Gastein, Austria and went downhill and into a road at a speed of 60 km/h approximately. It was scary as shit!! I have to admit. Mmm brakes didn't help. Tried to swerve didn't work as well. I ended up hitting a bush at maybe 25 km/h and flew forward. Got all right leg's skin layers lying on the ground, the muscles on my fingers (some) popped out a bit and worst headache for a week. Don't think of trying . I was about to die

  13. I saw the Xiaomi M365 and all i thought was: "I'd buy this if it had collapsable handlebars, an attachable band to hang it over your shoulder like a backpack and maybe a clip on system for locking it in place after folding."
    Seems like this brand did exactly that… Nice ??

  14. I would recommend a cheap motorcycle helmet when using these. Electric scooters are too fast for most bike helmets, plus I've read about lots of people getting broken jaws from one.

  15. I have a zoom stryder for 2 months. It's a good scooter, light for its power and features (11kg for 500W motor and 280Wh battery) but it has a huge drawback: no support/warranty at all. My one came with a problem in the ESC (I cannot turn on the Turbo mode) and one month ago the rear light doesn't turn off, even with the scooter off. I had to disconnect the light cable to avoid battery drain.
    I tried to contact the support several times, by email, web site form and online chat. No answer at all. After receiving your payment, they vanish. You are on your own and good luck. And I'm not the only one complaining about it.

  16. it the same scooter as the Etow : the computer s screen was not reliable and was broken after a few use only, the little speed plastic didn't have the spring anymore and couldn't move automatically up and the electricity block adapter got fire. when electricity plugged I saw electricity going down to the scooter as well each time with a little noise in the contact. I got 2 different model of the Etow… they look similar as this one in this video.

  17. I own the newest Booster V so have done all the reseach . I can tell you guys for a fact the Zoom is the knockoff of E-twow/Uscooters Booster version that they sold a 3 years ago. It is an outdated model which does not even come close to comparing to the new Uscooters/E-twow Booster V or S+ which both have 36v batteries not 33v. You will never get service or warranty help as they are sold out of Singapore from a Chinese factory that just started making scooters a year ago. E-twow has been making scooters for the past 7 years with worldwide sales of over 250,000 scooters. Do your research I learned my lesson. The new Booster V can hit speeds in excess of 24 mph and get really great ranges as I have one and know it. Uscooters is just the brand name for the United States for E-twow. Whoever reviewed this should contact Uscooters and do a review on theirs as it is so much better a product.

  18. it's not the fastest el-scooter you show here i did try el-scooter there are mutch more fast then this, i did drive 91 Km't on a 3000 watt el-scooter.

  19. Don't like the solid wheels pnematic tires would be added cussioning, even though it does have a springbin the back, the speed and range is good.

  20. Loved this review. I've decided to save up to get one of these. Looks like it just might be able to handle the hills where I live. Wonder what I would do should it need repair though.

  21. Piece of crap! I was having fun on my Zoom Stryder the first few months, then as I was going down a steep hill the hydraulic brakes quit working. This was a bit scary as I had to stop using the foot brake which is not very efficient by itself. Then when I got to the bottom of the hill I realized that my throttle no longer worked. So here I was over a mile away from home down a huge hill with a scooter with no power. So now nothing works, except the rear lights, which now will not shut off even when I power the scooter down. I sent an email regarding my problem to Zoom over a week ago and have not heard anything back from them. This was a very expensive scooter and now I have no idea how to fix it.

  22. Great review! You've worked every crucial aspect into detail and the comparison with m365 is a perfect addition to the review.

  23. "Claimed max 30km is more like 20km" is bullshit because you were using the Turbo mode much of the time. You would have had a longer range had you used Eco mode the whole time.

  24. WARNING TO ALL i bought this online from the zoom website based on THIS review, however it seems this is a big scam because I never got the scooter or even a reply by email and havent been able to reach anyone by phone either… I never got a refund of course… stop promoting this

  25. Many countries have laws that limit the top speed to 25km/h. I read on the Zoom website that it comes locked to 25km/h for this reason and it can be unlocked by the user to go to 30. How is this unlocking done and can you reset it back to 25 if you have to?

  26. Under load a battery will drop voltage instantly and if the battery meter is measuring voltage then you will get an apparent almost immediate drop in battery power remaining. It's not actually the case. The battery may still have plenty of power remaining in it, it's just a poorly designed battery meter. From an electronic engineer. The only accurate test of the battery power/life is to ride the scooter until completely exhausted. Near the end you will definitely notice a slowing/loss of power due to further voltage drop, this is most noticeable with lithium batteries which drop voltage incredibly quickly once starting to 'become flat'.

  27. Question for you – I am 189cm and just under 100kgs just wondering any recommendations on scooters – thanks

  28. This is one of the more expensive scooters, and not worth the money in my opinion. Besides you should tell upfront to your viewers that you are working with the scooter company.

  29. >>>>This is clone kugoo s1!!!!<<<<>>>>This is clone kugoo s1!!!!<<<<>>>>This is clone kugoo s1!!!!<<<<>>>>This is clone kugoo s1!!!!<<<<>>>>This is clone kugoo s1!!!!<<<< But kugoo is cheper xD

  30. Is this Electric scooter available in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and is it advisable for Handicapped person cannot use left hand and leg else everything is fine. How much does it cost in India?

  31. Hey, we at Aaarkstore provide Electric vehicle market research report . Subscribe to our channel, and let us hear more about you!

  32. I am experiencing bad customer service from Zoom Stryder. Pamela (from Technical Support) promised me to request something. It was on 18th April this year (a month ago). Since then I didn't hear nothing from her. I am very disappointed with poor communication from Zoom Stryder. Moreover Pamela advised to buy the Display Screening to fix my scooter, which I did. After replacing the part my scooter still has the same acceleration problems – nothing changed. Still cannot drive my scooter.

    Ps. on their website it is not possible to write a review! So I believe all the 5 stars are fake.

  33. Don't buy! My battery died after a year. I barely used it at all. And I emailed them 6 times to ask for support and not 1 answer! Total scam! Watchout.

  34. My Stryder won't turn on unless it's plugged in. It died on me with battery at 80%. I can turn on the display but it will turn off after only a split second. Won't even get to the display, it lights up and instantly turns off. Any insight is appreciated.

  35. My zoom stryder broke in less than 1 year. The company from Singapure ignores customers. I bought already 3 spare parts from them – my scooter still doesn’t work. Not recommended.

  36. Be careful with Zoon Stryder as there is a lot of legal issues with them. This is a complete knockoff of a E-twow/Uscooters model that was sold years ago and they are in the process of getting them shut down. They are in Singapore and my friend did not get the model he expected and he was stuck with it. You will have a tough time with support as well

  37. This looks identical to the Kugoo S1 , i wander if they are made in the same factory, the Kugoo is less than half the price at 288 euro . power rating is not clear if it is peak or nominal ?

  38. Would you like to build custom battery meter for that scooter
    cause it's just made me confuse lol
    at the start I just shock cause battery drop so fast lol XD

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